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OLA Chiropractic Totnes is the leading Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) Clinic in Devon, also offering traditional Chiropractic.

Chiropractic, Massage, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Nutritional Therapy, Counselling, Acupuncture all at OLA.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Network Chiropractic and how is it different from traditional chiropractic methods?

Network Chiropractic (a.k.a. Network Spinal Analysis) was developed by Dr. Donald Epstein to help patients resolve tension patterns which occur when the spinal cord is over-stretched during physical injury or when the body is under mental or emotional stress.

Like an over-stretched rubber band, the spinal cord tissues oscillate at a higher frequency or “phase” when they are under tension, and that frequency is distributed throughout the body’s 75-100 trillion cells via an elaborate nerve network that links every cell.

Instead of trying to mechanically adjust or align the spine through manipulation of the vertebra like a traditional chiropractor, a Network Chiropractor seeks to understand the physical, emotional and mental factors related to the tension pattern and then find the specific points on the spine that will help the body resolve its tension using just a few ounces of pressure.

No twisting, popping or cracking is necessary.


What happens on my first visit to Ola Chiropractic 

The first visit will last approximately 45 minutes. Please attend at least 5 or 10 minutes early in order to complete a comprehensive health history so that you can be ready to see the chiropractor at the appointed time, you can also download our health questionnaire here to fill in before your appointment. 

During the first visit you will be asked a few questions about why you are here and to understand your health history, and then the examination will be conducted. A gown with an open back will be provided for your examination. This first visit will be conducted in private. There will be a series of assessments as well as digital scan to understand your spine.

After the first visit the chiropractor will need to go over the findings and put together a report to present to you on your next visit, as well as suggest an appropriate plan of management. 


What happens on my second visit to Ola Chiropractic 

The second visit the chiropractor will give you all the details and findings that were found on the first visit. Please allow 45 minutes for this appointment also. Recommendations will be made in this visit or a referral to another health care practitioner may be provided. 

If you are proceeding with care on this visit, time has already been set aside for you. 

Financial considerations will also be discussed on this visit. We do offer financial packages to make care more affordable and this will all be explained should you require it. 


What is a routine visit to the Ola Chiropractic centre like?

A typical visit to Ola Chiropractic is an uplifting experience!

A Network Spinal Analysis session is called an “entrainment”, a term that means to get “in sync”. During an entrainment a wave-like deepening of your breath will spontaneously occur and various regions of your spine will begin to gently move in sync with each other as tension releases.

You will remain fully clothed lying on a table while your chiropractor evaluates your body using the Network Spinal Analysis system. They will feel your spine and muscles and observe your posture and breathing patterns. They will then use gentle pressure on specific points along your spine to initiate the entrainment process.

A typical visit lasts about 20-30 minutes and will leave you feeling more relaxed, energized and physically well. 


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