Zoe May Busbridge

Job Title: 
Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist

Chinese medicine builds the foundations for a long and healthy life, and Zoe is passionate about it. At heart, this ancient healing art is a powerful preventative medicine. The job of a practitioner is to help you manage stress, process toxins, smooth and improve your digestion, sleep better and recuperate more deeply, boost your immune system and make life style choices that will help you stay healthy, as well as fix the low back pain, bad digestion or painful menstruation that was the initial factor that brought you in for treatment. Chinese medicine is a complete natural and holistic system that offers no nonsense, practical solutions to all forms of modern health issues. In ancient China you paid your doctor as long as you were well. If you became ill you stopped paying her until you were well again. The skill of a practitioner is to keep you in vibrant, strong health, so that illness doesn’t arise, leaving you free to get the most out of all the stages of your life, from young to old. After receiving an M. phil from Cambridge university in Social Anthropology, Zoe began to study Oriental medicine while doing fieldwork with Tibetan communities in Nepal and India. On her return to Europe she began a rigorous 4 year degree course in Traditional Chinese Medicine, that covered all aspects of this healing art, from point location and pulse diagnosis to herbal medicine, moxibustion and 500 hours of supervised clinical training, as well an in depth understanding of bio chemistry, pathology and applied philosophy.

When she qualified to practise, Zoe went on to receive in house specialist training in fertility acupuncture at the Shen Dao institute in Barcelona. She also completed post graduate training in the Taoist arts including Feng Shui, Qi gong and Yang Sheng practices. For several years Zoe ran a busy pregnancy acupuncture clinic along side her general practice and fertility work at the Shen Dao institute. After the birth of her son, she trained as a HypnoBirthing educator, and continues to run courses in this wonderful birth preparation method in the UK and in Spain. More recently, Zoe has trained in NSEV acupuncture, an approach that focuses on the ways that Chinese medicine can promote emotional health. In 2014 she received a full scholarship to complete a facilitator training in White Tantra and Sacred Sexuality with Anaiya Sophia. With over 15 years of clinical practice, 10 years of specialisation in reproductive health, and a dedicated commitment to the care of her patients, Zoe’s main focus is your health and well being, and she is proud to offer her experience, support and knowledge to help you make the changes you need, to make your life the best it can be.

“ I really loved my appointments with Zoe, they were so amazing and supportive. She had a strong mother presence full of love and truth. Zoe is hugely knowledgable and gave me amazing advice and care. I felt deeply nourished, inspired and always felt I was met as an individual, not just another client. I left our appointments with a renewed sense of self, love, strength, health and a deeper bond to my baby in the womb.” - Brigit Anna.

"Zoe is a remarkable woman and healer. Her generosity and care came at a perfect time in my life when I needed it most. Receiving her loving, nurturing, intuitive attention helped me relax in places which had been painful and realign with a greater depth of love." - Beth.