Thea Platt

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Coaching with Thea

I work with conscious, ethical, values driven people who are playing a part in making positive change in the world in both big and small ways.  You could be a leader in the charity, public and business sectors, an individual entrepreneur, a mother returning to work after having children, or perhaps you simply need support in adapting to life during uncertain times.

As your coach, we will work together to reflect and inquire into your strengths, dreams, challenges and limiting self-beliefs. We will address areas of avoidance, resistance and paradox and problem solve with a positive mindset. I will ensure you challenge yourself and achieve your goals without burning out. I use mindfulness, self-compassion and positive psychology to support my clients.

About me

I have dedicated my life and work to environmental change, social change and community work, and more recently health and wellbeing.  Through this work, I’ve gained and cultivated skills in project management, charity management, public speaking, community engagement, facilitation, HR and recruitment and, in recent years, have taken up leadership roles in these fields.

I work as both an Executive Coach and Personal Coach. I enjoy sharing my experience with others who are running their own ethical businesses, social enterprises and charities and those seeking personal transformation in their lives.

I achieved my coaching qualifications with the Wise Goose School of Coaching, which trains its students in transpersonal coaching.  Transpersonal coaching takes a holistic approach and is concerned with meaning, fulfilment, purpose and engaging human potential. 

I am currently undertaking a Post-Graduate Diploma in mindfulness-based psychotherapy with The Karuna Institute, so I can take a deeper dive into the subconscious, shadow, complexity and human innate goodness.

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