Rosemary Innes

Job Title: 
Harmonised Spaces & Heart Speak Practitioner

Rosemary Innes is pleased to be joining the team at Ola Chiropractic, Totnes. Rosemary has  been in holistic practice for many years, offering support to clients as they explore their health and well being through a variety of energetic systems. For over 20 years she has developed an in-depth understanding of the subtle qualities of living environments and their effects on individual lives. As an electro-sensitive herself, Rosemary focused for some time on the problems of electro-pollution from wireless technologies. She founded of a business producing EMF harmonising devices known as energydots, inspired by the need to look after the health of her two children.


Rosemary’s experience in energy sensing led her to create her Harmonised Spaces Consultancy. Her passion is to help her clients achieve a safer and more nourishing environment for themselves and for their family or colleagues to thrive in. This unique and powerful system of clearing and energising homes, offices and public spaces is now available from Ola as a remote session. We’ll tune in to assess your property’s energetic condition and treat the space using energised discs to clear, uplift and support the well-being of all who use the space. The Harmonised Spaces sessions are 1 hour.


For harmonising the all important personal space and to complement the environmental work of Harmonised Spaces, Rosemary also offers HeartSpeak sessions at Ola. An exciting new emotional healing and stress reduction tool, HeartSpeak was developed by Dr. Anne Jensen. Rosemary has worked with Dr Anne since she completed her PhD on Kinesiology at Oxford in 2014. HeartSpeak is a kinesiology based practice, so we will be using muscle testing methods to allow access to the perfect emotional space for you on your journey of healing. In the 45 minute HeartSpeak session we gently listen to and work with the heart and emotions, delivering insights about repeated patterns, helping you to break out of old, fearful, unhelpful patterns so healthier, more expansive ones can quickly emerge. Block bookings of 6 sessions are available at a reduced price.