Raquel Cruz

Job Title: 
Reiki & VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing

I trained as Psychologist and l have been interested in natural healing, spirituality and positive social change for a long time.

I believe that there is potential for a world where peace and harmony prevails and natural resources are used in a balanced way.  Moving towards that requires healing personal and collective wounds, reconnecting with the planet and each other, learning how to cooperate from an empowered place where everyone has opportunity to share their gifts.

I enjoy doing work that promotes this vision, particularly working in community projects and as a holistic healer.

With my healing work, I intend to facilitate the connection an individual has with their true self, promote relaxation and assist the body to rebalance itself.

I am offering individual Reiki sessions and individual VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing  sessions, as well as VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing group sessions and Reiki Initiation Workshops.

VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing is a holistic system of energetic healing channelling Divine light and consciousness to heal the body, transform emotional patterns, and awaken us to True Self.

Using the transformational power of Divine energy & consciousness, 
it works on emotional issues and all aspects of the body's energy system, including the chakras, energy pathways, energy bodies and physical body. It affects karmic issues and can help clearing unwanted energies.

This is the Merlin lineage which began with a man named Mehindra who lived in India about 5600 years ago.

‘® “VortexHealing" is a registered service mark of Ric Weinman. All rights reserved. Used here with permission. For more information on VortexHealing visit www.vortexhealing.org.’

Reiki is a holistic healing technique that channels universal life energy. It promotes relaxation and facilitates our own healing systems to work their full potential.

The Reiki tradition was founded by Mikao Usui in the early 20th century in Japan.

For more information or to make an appointment, contact Raquel on: shantiom@hotmail.co.uk