Raisa Breslava

Job Title: 
Holistic Massage

My interest in the touch based healing arts began back in 2006 when I was participating in Physical theatre in Riga, Latvia, and later on in 2008 researching how performance work and theatre, studying in London at Central Saint Martins, could elevate people's consciousness. It was the vibrational quality of a certain kind of presence on stage that appealed to me the most. I wanted to know how to create this kind of focused, clear, pure, powerful transmission, a transmission that would catalyze positive and lasting change.

In the UK I began practicing the physical arts of Taoism, such as Chi Gong. Which helped channel my passion into a very specific technical modality educating me in the inner workings of my body and energy. At times the technicality of it all, all these modalities and healing traditions would bog me down and would force me to ask the foundational, essential question of: how could I best give this love I have? An ancient dream came to me in which women were holding a healing space for men. Bodywork was a ceremony that lasted a spacious amount of time, hours and days, enough time for transformation to take place. Using massage and bodywork, singing and movement. This dream ignited a powerful aliveness in me that carries me and my massage practice to this day. 

My desire is to bridge the eastern philosophies into a western framework and lifestyle. Our bodies know what healing feels like and all bodies can give healing to another, it is just about dismantling that which is not in our nature that is diverting our focus. Over the years I have learned that the key for me with all these bodywork practices is to keep it relational. My practice's intention is for a meeting to take place, to meet where the person's energy is at, not to dominate someone with my modality. Bodywork is an explorative collaboration, a conversation of sorts between me and you. Even if you do not know what your body is telling you, this is an opportunity to listen to it and explore what is going on. I invite you on a healing journey!


Bookings: rbreslava@gmail.com

Raisa is one of the best “body workers” I’ve experienced, and I’ve experienced many good ones. She has an exceptional sensitivity and presence that awakens many subtle levels of awareness, a very special gift indeed. I highly recommend her work to you!
Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D., Psychologist and Author
I had a beautiful massage with Raisa. It was much more than just a massage. She works on a very deep energetic level, far beyond just the body. I felt very held and nourished and able to receive deep insights, guidance and higher connection. She also offers a very unique quality of accepting and allowing me to be exactly where I am. This presence is rare and very healing to be with.
Lucyne Pearson, Addiction Therapist
I just had a two hour treatment with Raisa and my whole body feels electric. She is strong but sensitive, so I didn't feel overwhelmed. She was very aware when she was touching the edges. I really felt like I could surrender and really let go into those places.
Malcolm Stern, Co-founder of 'Alternatives' and Therapist
Raisa is a very poised and balanced person, radiating a happiness, self confidence and empathy exceeding any I have experienced. Her practical and intuitive skills are great. She helped me to feel empowered to alter the nature of the massage as my body asked. She has a very clear focus and a straightforward way of talking and being, she is also rather playful.
Andrew P.
Raisa is a very gifted person. Her presence and awareness helped me to unfold and feel safe. She was reminding me to take deep breaths, sometimes her rhythm of breath took me back to my body, thank you. During emotional release I could really feel that she is supporting me through touch and just by being focused on me. It was the first time when I allowed myself to communicate during treatment, comment on what I have enjoyed or what was painful and she openly welcomed all of it. I feel very privileged that Raisa was witnessing my journey. Thank you so much!
Female, Holistic Living facilitator