Nev Cregan

Job Title: 
Thai Massage, Sports/Remedial Massage, Reflexology & Yoga
Nev has been practicing massage and teaching yoga since 1997. 
After taking a Humanities degree majoring in Indian philosophy and yoga Nev became interested in Eastern healing arts . He spent several years working in social care and mental health services whilst training in yoga and Thai massage . He then became interested in reflexology as this is sometimes used in relation to Thai massage as well as by itself . Although not traditionally sporty , he cycles long distances and plays competitive table tennis which led him to understand the value of and train in Sports and Remedial massage . 
Thai Massage  and Sports and Remedial Massage.
Nev has been to Thailand a number of times to study advanced Thai massage on top of qualifications in the UK,  and has studied Thai medical theory as it relates to massage . Thai massage can be applied in many different ways according to need as well as combined with reflexology. 
He studied Sports and Remedial massage as a Soft Tissue Therapy BTEC level 5 to enhance his knowledge of injury care and soft tissue issue. 
Thai massage and Sports/Remedial Massage are both very expansive treatment forms with many techniques and ideas of how to help people . In that way Nev feels that the two can be integrated very successfully at times as well as practiced separately. 
Nev studied reflexology after finding it the most relaxing treatment he’s ever had as well as being surprisingly powerful in its effect . He studied precision reflexology in Devon and Chinese reflexology in London   
Nev teaches on two yoga teacher training courses in London ( both history and philosophy and teaching practice )  He runs regular classes , workshops and retreats in Totnes and the surrounding area. He is offering one to one yoga at OLA which is an excellent and empowering way to establish a yoga practice and  stay healthy and/or recover from injury/ill health . Yoga can approached many ways depending on someone’s start point .
Thai Massage 
40 minutes - £25 (not for first appointment ) 

1 1/4  hours - £40

1 1/2 hours - £45

2 hours - £55

2 1/2 hours £65

3 hours £75

Sports/Remedial Massage 
By Donation until September 2018 - insured as a student. 
40 minutes: £25 (not first appointment ) 

1 hour: £40

1 hour £40 
''I attended a couple of Yoga retreats at Bala Brook in Devon. It’s a beautiful location with great food. Neville is a really good teacher who helps people at all levels. Thai massage wonderful to ease those aching muscles! Highly recommended.''
Val S , Cambridge
''Nev's Thai massage is such a treat! I practiced Shiatsu for some years, and have received much bodywork over that time, becoming somewhat of a fussy individual! I found Nev's treatment wonderful, and his touch spot on. He certainly knows his stuff and I would recommend him to any of my friends.''
S W counselling student, ex Shiatsu practitioner.
"Nev's Thai massage treatments are beautifully relaxing and deeply intelligent. He really understands the body and he brings decades of experience of yoga and bodywork to his treatments.”
Nisha , Totnes .
"Nev's brand of Thai massage is vigorous, intelligent & sensitive. I feel energised but at peace at the same time after one of Nev’s massages.”
Katie T. Marketing Manager and Poet.
"I went on one Neville’s yoga holidays in Dalyan, Turkey with Free Spirit Travel. His subtly challenging approach to teaching the yoga asanas really worked for me as an over 50’s relative beginner. So great to practice in a relaxed spacious environment with fantastic food.”
Tina G , USA
"I have been on many yoga retreats abroad with Neville and been to Bala Brook retreat centre on Dartmoor on numerous occasions. Neville is a fabulous teacher and his approach is sensitive, intelligent and emphasises the important principles of movement in yoga as well as the meditative side."
Bill Beattie , Accountant, Torquay .