Marian Sorensen

Job Title: 
"Raindrop Technique" - Combining essential oils and reflexology.


Marian was first introduced to Raindrop Technique whilst on sabbatical in the States last year when she saw a live demonstration of someone modelling the treatment for a group and imediately became interested in learning more about the power of using therapeutic grade essential oils in maintaining vitality and holistic health. She has always had a passion and value for investing in her own and her family's health holistically (having four adult sons and three grandchildren). But, not having tried therapeutic grade essential oils as yet, she wasn't aware of their potency, beyond their ability to stimulate or soothe the senses and create pleasing aesthetic environments.
Little did she know.....
Marian signed up for her own treatment and experienced an amazing and lasting healing during her first ever treatment. She was frankly amazed!  
Several years previously she had suffered a lot of lower back back transferring to the sciatic nerve in her left leg. She had a measure of relief from 3 years of chiropractic care and massage but was left with a damaged sciatic nerve that meant she had to avoid certain forms of exercise and could not sleep on her left side for approx 7 years.
During this first treatment, when the practitioner applied the oils to Marian's left foot with "Vita-Flex" technique (Vitality through the reflexes) she experienced just that... an intensity of vital energy, strong (but not painful) pulsing sensation up and down the sciatic nerve. It reached an intensity and then dissipated and she left that treatment profoundly relaxed at all levels and slept like a baby that first night on her left side (first time in over 7 years!).
Marian felt so positively impacted -  not only in the leg nerve but in a longstanding candida issue being resolved, metabolism boosted, energy levels significantly increased and memory improvement that she decided to train to offer this to her friends and loved ones. Receiving her initial training from a very experienced and qualified masseur/Raindrop trainer in Redding CA USA.  
As she gained more experience in offering this to people, Marian was surprised and thrilled to discover that everyone she practised on went away testifying of significant benefits to their health and well-being (often after a brief initial period of de-toxing symptoms) and asked to return for more on a regular basis. 
 Being so impressed by the amount of testimonials received she then decided to train officially and get qualified and insured to practise here in the UK on her return from the States. She did that earlier this year - training with Sustainable Health in Bristol with a very experienced practitioner and aromatherapist of over 25 years in Vita-Flex and Raindrop Therapy.  Marian is also a passionate distributor and self-employed business owner in the company who produce these amazingly pure and potent oils: "Young Living" who now have their European HQ in London and are gaining momentum as people get introduced to these oils of high integrity.
For the past year since initially training in this technique she has practised on over 50 clients, in various settings from homes, to salons and has a passion to see as many others as possible experience this wonderful nurturing therapy for maintaining and boosting health and vitality on all levels. 
She desires to see as many people as possible living in optimal health and as part of the outworking of that passion and is also currently training in an online program with The Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) to become a certified Health Coach from March 2017.
If you book on Marian's first day at the clinic - Wednesday 5th October she's offering a dicounted session at £30.
Throughout October, November and December sessions will be discounted to £40 or £100 if you book 3 sessions.
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