Lynsey Tiplady

Job Title: 
Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy supports the body in its innate healing capacity
and can help with physical, emotional and life challenges. With its roots based in Osteopathy, It works by offering time and space for your body to become more connected to the
‘tide’, or ‘breath' of life.  This is an energetic rhythm that we may not always be aware of but that we deeply know.
Our bodies hold so much wisdom and by working with me through Cranio your system can learn to unravel the patterns and ideas that influence who you are. Once we release these patterns, we find we have much more energy to live the life we really want. 

Craniosacral can help with many of the stresses and strains we experience in life be they complex or more straightforward. We all have such busy lives so give yourself time to heal.

After studying Reiki and massage I decided to study Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy as it aligned to the realisations I had come to in my own healing journey.  I saw that when I prioritised the  wisdom of the body at the centre of my healing journey I could really start to see what was needed to heal.

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