Luka Carlisle

Job Title: 
Deep Tissue Massage, Clinical Aromatherapy, Energy Work and Integrated Bodywork Therapy ( IIHHT, VTCT, Reiki Master)

Integrated bodywork is a powerful and effective therapeutic approach that involves the use of a variety of holistic techniques, which are woven into each session and tailored to each persons unique requirements. This approach offers so much more than just a great massage. It is rooted in the field of body psychotherapy, promoting an optimal environment in which deep healing can occur on all levels. Each session includes a combination of massage techniques from an array of traditions, the clinical use of synergistically blended high quality essential oils and energy work, which includes Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Pulsing, Myofascial Release, Reflexology and Breathwork. Talking Therapy, physical exercises, nutritional and lifestyle support will be available and offered where appropriate. Deep healing Energy Work sessions are also available as a stand alone session without the inclusion of body massage. 

Having been involved in the field of holistic health and healing for over 25 years and running a busy private practice in Totnes since 2006, Luka is a very experienced therapist. She works deeply with a gentle sensitivity, listening carefully to the body and working intuitively from the heart, offering you the opportunity to get as much as possible from each session. She holds an impeccably safe, strongly empathic and deeply nourishing space for every client. Specialising in back, neck and shoulder pain relief, neurological conditions, women’s health and emotional trauma, grief, stress and anxiety. Luka offers you a powerful healing space in which to completely unwind, let go of the outside world and come home to yourself whilst wrapped up, snug and warm in soft towels and a fluffy blanket.

With a background in meditation, personal growth, dance, yoga, astrology and nutrition, in 1991 Luka began studying bodywork in India where she attended courses in Intuitive massage, energy work, Ayurvedic massage, Reiki, breathwork and various meditation techniques, together with a range of self development and therapy groups. Following several years in Asia and Australia, she returned to England in 1997 and settled in Devon to raise her daughter. In 1999 she became a Reiki master and qualified as a Holistic Therapist in 2000, enabling her to practice in the UK. This resulted in diplomas in Massage, Advanced massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Counselling, Nutrition, and Anatomy and Physiology. Luka has a well developed understanding of the physical and energetic bodies together with many years of experience in working with a wide range of physical conditions, emotional health issues and general health maintenance. More recently adding workshops and trainings in Polarity Therapy, Pulsing, Hot Stone Massage, Psychosynthesis, Myofascial Release and Somatic Experiencing to the list, her professional and personal development are an ongoing and ever deepening process as she continues to undertake further training and research.

The Rose Room, where Luka's practice is based, is a beautiful and spacious, light and tranquil room at the back of the building. Offering an environment that has been consciously created to hold, deepen and optimise your experience.

Gift vouchers are available on request and are valid for 12 months from the purchase date.

Luka is Fully insured and registered with the Federation of Holistic Therapists and The International Council of Holistic Therapists.


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Call: 07989 528683


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- Please arrive five minutes before your appointment time.
- Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment, otherwise the full session fee will be payable.
- The full fee will also be payable if you fail to show up for your session without cancelling.
- If you arrive late for your appointment, your session will still finish at the booked time, and the full fee will remain payable.
- Gift vouchers must be presented at your appointment within 12 months of the date of purchase.
- It is requested that any serious health conditions or contageous conditions are reported ahead of your appointment.
- If for any reason you are unhappy with the service you have received from me, please send your complaint to me by email or letter to the address above to activate my complaints procedure.


Luka, simply what a very special lady you are. I really can't thank you enough for giving and sharing with me your healing massage. You are very humble and soft natured, yet you have these powerful healing hands. I literally floated out of your room and felt like the weight of the last few years had evaporated. I can't thank you enough. I can't believe I've been so lucky to finally find someone who is so gifted.
Lucy Kaufman. Devon
Luka fully encompasses every nurturing characteristic you would wish a therapist to have. My husband and I were very lucky to discover her on a holiday weekend trip, and have made a point of returning every time we visit Totnes. Luka has a wonderfully warm, soothing touch and a calm demeanour resulting in instant relaxation. Her holistic knowledge and advice resulted in me giving up dairy products, which resolved a severe two year sinus problem, which a series of GP and ENT consultant appointments failed to do. We wholeheartedly recommend Luka and all her services, she is a rare gift of extraordinary knowledge and skill
J & A. Luther, Surrey.
I treated myself to a massage with Luka. Under her loving touch my body felt beautifully met, nourished and supported to relax and open. She then massaged two dear friends who had been struggling with pain and tension. It was a joy to see them emerge softened, renewed and very grateful. I would recommend Luka's massages to anyone for the gift of her healing hands, the delicious oils she blends for each person, her warm shining heart, and her capacity to attune to whoever she is working with very deeply.
Fanny Behrens. Devon.
I have had many varied experiences of massage and after a period of illness chose Luka purely on impulse, my instinct took me to the right place. Luka's very real skills, intuition, sensitivity and professionalism are complemented by her enthusiasm, vibrancy and kindness. She possesses a genuine ability to divine and meet needs that I had, as well as identify and enhance any strengths, none of which I was aware of before. I find Luka's treatment works on all levels and believe that she has a genuine gift. To 'recommend' Luka seems too mundane, she is unique and has a unique ability, she has my heartfelt gratitude.
Barry Wheeler. Devon.
I love your massages Luka - my body trusts your hands, and this doesn't come easy for me. You have a special and unique combination of sensitivity, strength, understanding, wisdom and intuition that make a session with you a deeply nurturing experience - add your knowledge and a few lovely oils to that and well, heaven could hardly be a better place!
N Ludlow, Devon.
What an unexpected, pleasurable and beneficial experience I had yesterday. Thank you Luka, serendipity at it's best. I walked from you loose and free, and later slept like a log - and on my back! The testimonials say it all - you have magic fingers and an intuitive mind.
Ken Wilber. Wales.
Dear Luka, I just want to say thanks so much for the massage you gave me last Friday before I went on holiday. It really helped! I didn't experience any pain whilst I was away. You have a real gift and I am so grateful to be able to come to you when needed.
E Stacey, Devon
I am a writer who spends many hours on my computer. As a result I often suffer from severe back pain and headaches. After a number of unsuccessful visits to therapists, a friend recommended that I make an appointment with Luka. The results after just one consultation and session were remarkable. Luka's intuitive and skilful use of oils and integrated massage techniques made an impact on the problem area immediately. The hour session was deeply effective and healing. I have been back to her many times since then for therapy and always come out feeling nurtured, relaxed and renewed. I can't recommend Luka enough.
Donna Thomson. Devon.
I just wanted to thank you for another fantastic massage today, Luka. It is very hard to put my finger on just why you are so special. It is something to do with you being very attuned to how the physical and the emotional operate together, so that you are working with them both at the same time. It is a lot to do with how very well I feel after a session with you - as though my body has been coaxed not just back into life, but back into healthy living. And it is also something to do with the way you seem intuitively to be able to read me and soothe my various ailments, ancient and more recent, through your amazing massages. I have introduced you to several friends and members of my family - who have without exception (including - in fact especially! - those suspicious of massage) been similarly impressed and they all long to be able to come back to have you treat them again. I'm working on it! Many many thanks indeed.
Caroline Shea. London.
Quite definitely the best masseur I know. Luka is very professional, knowledgeable, and gives a great deep tissue massage. Able to shift my shoulder pain and leave me pain free, supple and relaxed. Great aromatherapy oil blends too - her warm hearts blend smells good enough to eat!
S Bradley, Devon
I have benefitted tremendously from the massages I have had with Luka. They have been deep nurturing, powerful and gentle experiences. I would highly recommend her.
F Vogelius, Devon
Luka is a lovely genuine lady who clearly enjoys the good work that she does. Luka listens to me, and then works on any problems that I may have. I feel completely safe in her hands and happy in the knowledge that her massage therapy will result in both my body and being benefiting in the most wonderful way.
M Thomas, Devon