Lina Malaval

Job Title: 
Massage Therapist

In my practice I mix different massage techniques (Sports Massage, Swedish, Curanderismo) to release muscle tension and support Chiropractic care. Based on the Chiropractic philosophy that the body has an innate intelligence and the power to heal itself, I am here to guide the body/mind with my knowledge, sensitivity and intuition.
I am a Chiropractic-Massage Therapist. I have been studying Sports Massage Therapy (Level 3) at South Devon College, Swedish Massage and Massage Therapy with CLK formation in Lyon, France and Curanderismo (traditional Mexican medicine) online with the University of New Mexico, and I am level 2 certified NCFE CACHE in understanding Nutrition and Health.

Sports Massage is a deep tissue massage technique focusing on muscles, ligaments and joints.

Swedish Massage is inspired by old techniques used by greek and roman in baths during antiquity. It is a whole-body therapeutic massage treatment. It calms and balances the nervous system by focusing on muscles and soft tissues. It reduces the stress, improve the immune system, increase flexibility, helps rehabilitation after muscles injuries, increases blood flow.

Curanderismo is an holistic approach, focusing on the soul and using limpias (energy cleansing). It is a philosophy considering that the body reflects what is happening at an emotional and spiritual level. It uses massage as well as natural elements, bath and other rituals in ceremonies honoring nature, where the curandero helps the energy to circulate from the “gods” to the person. I am not a curandera but uses the ideas and massages from this philosophy.

You can book in for a 30min or 60min full-body therapeutic massage, a sport injury, relaxation, inner connection, awareness or belly massage.