Laura Bull

Job Title: 

I qualified after 4 years at the South East College of Homeopathy with a licentiate in Homeopathy in 2004 and have nearly 20 years of clinical experience. I then spent 5 years working in a homeopathic pharmacy making remedies, essences, supporting customers and sitting in meditation circles discovering new Homeopathic remedies.

During this time i trained extensively with Lita de Alberdi at her School of the Living Light and became one of the UK’s Awakening Your LightBody teachers, these are beautiful teachings bringing an accelerated spiritual growth and greater inner awareness.

Over the years I studied Reflexology, Herbal Medicine, Crystal healing, Flower essences and various hands on healing methods and taught meditation and spiritual growth workshops.  I continue to study new aspects of Homeopathic prescribing and have supported many emotional and physical conditions in adults children and babies.  Homeopathy can help if your results are normal but you still feel unwell, you or your child want a non toxic support, you wish to address old or new emotional patterns, you are pregnant and do not want to take drugs or nothing else has worked

I work intuitively and can see energy this gives me a unique insight and ability to then prescribe remedies essences herbs and supplements that can create positive shifts and inner transformation.