Katherine Ballam

Job Title: 
Transformational Coach


Email - kat@ballam.com

I came to Kat with much experience of professional help. My previous experience of psychologists and councillors was that they want to find out what is wrong, and test techniques to fix me. Each week I would return, feedback how their proposed techniques didn’t work for me and they would try and find another solution. Kat’s approach is an empowering alternative. Instead of trying to tell me there is something wrong, Kat makes me realise how I am stopping myself from easily overcoming my problems. She makes me realise who I am, and that I have to give myself the space to approach my challenges as the person I am. She makes me step back from focussing on what’s not happening right now, and see everything I have and how close I am to my goals. She has helped me personally and professionally. From our first meeting Kat taught me that there is no need to extinguish my own personal qualities, even if those qualities may be considered by some as detrimental. Ultimately, if it’s part of me, the likelihood is that fundamental part of me will never go away forever…so Kat helped me accept my anxiety, be its friend, manage it and use it for the strengths it gives me. She helped me realise that when it all becomes too much, accept that this may sometimes happen, and inevitably, with acceptance comes peace, and my anxiety attacks float away. This is a stark contrast to the battles I used to have with myself. As a result of my anxiety I overthink and worry about EVERYTHING. Kat has helped me keep a cool head and realise how much I have achieved with my professional work- rather than what I tell myself I haven’t done. She has helped me communicate to my partner what I am going through, but not rely on his help- I have to take my happiness into my own hands, and this itself is an empowering act of self love. Kat has helped me accept myself, accept my battles, and therefore be in the correct headspace to put all the support methods in place to take me off my anxiety medication. After all, when has worrying ever made someone more prepared? The best part about sessions with Kat, is you walk in with a problem and expect to leave with a solution; when in actual fact, I leave every session with the problem ripped apart and diminished to a point where I feel completely capable of overcoming it (and of course an action plan in how to do so!). Thank you K
Erin W
“Coaching with Kat has had a profoundly wonderful impact on my life. My confidence and resilience levels have grown enormously, I’m having more fun, I feel more present and balanced in the ups and down and am less concerned with what other people think of me. Using the tools Kat has taught me and the encouragement and beautiful permission slips she gives, I’m becoming more relaxed and gentle with myself and am even growing in confidence to relax amidst intense pain! Perhaps I really am enough after all! Perhaps I am even more than enough!! Perhaps I am actually awesome!!! I finally feel I have met someone who sees and values my magnificence and beauty in all its many forms and who also has the skills to guide me lovingly into more of myself so I can do more of what I came here to do – radiate love and understanding! This was not me six months ago! Kat embodies a rare depth of integrated and balanced love and wisdom and her intuition is amazingly accurate which makes her sessions extremely valuable. What I’m most struck by and really appreciate is Kat’s kind and gentle way of working with me. She has a huge heart and her radiance is gloriously infectious. Kat has the ability to incisively and lovingly get the best out of me. I feel extremely fortunate to have found such a fun, wise, compassionate and effective life-coach who I deeply trust. Before working with Kat, it felt like I had been stuck in some sticky patterns for a while and thanks to our sessions, things have become much clearer and are shifting forward again. Kat is a true blessing and I can’t recommend her work highly enough”.
Alice Lear
Kat has helped me get really clear on how to proceed with my values at heart through a very difficult time in my business. I feel more able to lead powerfully and to step forwards with intention towards the things I really want to see in my life. Kat has a strong intuition and sensitivity which helped uncover patterns which had been limiting me for a long time. Just seeing them has helped so much, and I feel freer and more able to act in the ways I really wish to. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough.