Kate Hamilton

Job Title: 
Reflexology & Shiatsu

With all the therapies Kate Hamilton practises, her aim is for clients to leave her feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and experience a lasting state of wellbeing. Kate is passionate about helping people to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally and has created a beautiful, welcoming space in which to meet each client's needs. 

Kate's background - in newspaper production - is a world away from the holistic healthcare she now practises, but it was the pressure of dealing with tight deadlines and exacting standards that led her to reflexology to seek relief for anxiety, insomnia and chronic shoulder pain. She was so taken by the therapy and so impressed with the results that she decided to change career and in 2003 trained as a reflexologist at the London School of Reflexology. 

This deeply relaxing therapy involves stimulation of specific points and areas of the feet using thumb pressure and massage to induce a deep state of relaxation and rebalance the body physically, mentally and emotionally. 

After a treatment, clients describe feeling much more relaxed, re-energised, more focused and clear thinking. Kate has found it particularly beneficial for those suffering from stress, tension and pain or stress-related conditions including headaches and migraine, sub-fertility issues, sleep disorders, back pain and hormonal imbalances. It is effective in relaxing those about to have surgery and encourage the body's natural healing after surgery. It is also especially helpful for expectant and new mothers – associated conditions that may be helped include heartburn, backache, nausea, oedema, overdue birth, stimulation of contractions and post-natal depression. Treatments can be given from the 14th week of pregnancy. Kate has worked with a number of maternity clients and in October 2011 and August 2014 gave reflexology during labour at home water births, in which no pain relief was used. 

In 2014 Kate completed a three-year diploma in Shiatsu, a powerful hands-on form of Japanese bodywork that incorporates aspects of acupuncture, physiotherapy, yoga and deep-tissue massage and she has added some of the techniques into her reflexology sessions. She is also trained in Indian Head massage and Ear Candling. 


Kate will always hold a very special place in my heart as I truly believe if it wasn’t for her kindness, expertise and professionalism I would not have had the perfect birthing experience that I did have with the birth of my first child. Throughout my pregnancy I followed the Gentle Birth Method. This method holds reflexology as central to a healthy pregnancy and birth. Consequently, I was on a mission to find myself a reflexologist who would work with me while I was pregnant – this wasn’t an easy task. Luckily for me I was put in Kate’s direction, where throughout my pregnancy and birth she looked after me and gave me just what I needed to work my way through the life changing experiences of being pregnant and becoming a mother. Kate was then kind enough to also work with me throughout my labour, as I had a home birth. Keeping the contractions going was really important in order for me to remain at home, again the reflexology that I experienced throughout my labour was definitely key to its success. This was particularly apparent when the midwife suggested Kate popped home for a few hours and my contractions ceased. I can’t thank Kate enough.
Sinead, Brixham
I started seeing Kate for weekly reflexology treatments 6 weeks before the birth of my first child. I am convinced that these sessions contributed hugely to the feelings of energy, good health and well-being that I experienced in the run up to the birth. I was able to approach my labour with calmness and confidence having had these blissful moments each week where I could relax and feel peaceful. I cannot recommend Kate highly enough, she is a wonderful practitioner.
Hannah, Newton Abbot
I was a client with Kate over a long period of time. I had reflexology to help combat my hay fever, for general de-stressing and relaxation as well as when I was undergoing IVF and after my baby was born. My treatments with her always helped me enormously — they lifted my mood and boosted my general health. I also found that they helped ease a sore back and neck, particularly when my son was little. Kate is a fantastic therapist, she combines a powerful technique with an empathetic manner. I was sorry that she moved away — London’s loss is Totnes’s gain!
Pippa, Surrey
I have come to regard shiatsu treatments with Kate as both a great luxury and a necessity. The luxury lies in the comfortable, warm, calm, welcoming atmosphere she creates, as well as the relaxing nature of the whole experience. The necessity lies in the healing that takes place in every session. Under Kate's skilful hands, the healing power of shiatsu is obvious to me by the sensation of vibrant energy surging through the various organs and meridians she is working on, and the feeling that my whole spinal column is being bathed in a flow of hot oil, dissolving the knots and blockages. Something new for me too, after such a relaxing treatment, is an immediate, heightened and enduring sense of mental and physical alertness and energy. In short, a shiatsu treatment with Kate would be the best Christmas present I could give anyone.
Aurora, Cornwall
I have not felt so grounded for ages. I’ve been trying to come off antidepressants for seven years and this is the first time it’s been successful. I put this down to regular Indian head massages with Kate and her calming influence.
Julia, London