Jasmine Kewell

Job Title: 
Practice Manager

Jasmine is the backbone of The Ola Centre...she ensures your appointments run smoothly, on time and all your needs are met on front desk, as well as throughout your course of care. 

She has been a member of the Ola team for 4 years now, with a previous 9 years experience at other Chiropractic clinics. 

Jasmine suffered with chronic neck, back pain and headaches from a young age and received further injuries from a car accident in 2014. Chiropractic has not only helped her physically, but Network open plan sessions have helped her heal mentally from past traumas, whilst allowing her to be more intouch with her body & aware of her breath. 

In Jasmine's spare time, you’ll probably find her at the theatre, she is a keen musical theatre performer, regularly rehearsing for the next production! 

Jasmine is thoroughly enjoying her new position as Practice Manager and hopes that she is able to inspire clients on their mission to well-being, because of her true belief and own experience at Ola Chiropractic.