Hannah Green

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Hannah D.C. has completed a masters degree in Chiropractic and has been in practice for 2 years. Hannah became interested in Chiropractic through her swimming career when she was part of the GB synchro squad during the 2012 Olympics. During this time Hannah experienced first hand chiropractic care and this fostered her interest in the body and how it works. Hannah was the sports therapist for the British Synchro Team before completing her finals in Chiropractic.

Through Hannah’s love of sport and a desire to work with people in a supporting role, Hannah decided to combine these skills and study chiropractic.

Hannah has a wide range of experience in sports and rehabilitation, with qualifications in FAKTR, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation, and Afferent Input Systems. Hannah is passionate about assisting people and helping them get back to full health, doing the things they love. Hannah then focusses on supporting people in maintaining these levels of health.

Hannah is dedicated to her patients care and uses her chiropractic skills, along with effective communication and organisation skills to ensure the patient receives the most optimum care.

In her spare time Hannah enjoys being creative, baking, reading, dance classes, yoga and generally being fit and keeping active. Hannah is a qualified swimming and synchro teacher, and during her studies, combined this with working as a swim teacher and synchro teacher, for Brookes Sport in Oxford.

Hannah believes in a balanced lifestyle, and is partial to green tea!


“I came to Hannah with long term neck and shoulder pain from stress, office work and running, and other health conditions. The pain used to be continuous, but surprisingly after just the first session I felt better than ever. Hannah has worked magic on my back and ever since, my whole body feels improved”
Rita’s story
“I started feeling pain in my right shoulder and right leg all the way down to my toes. I injured myself back in Christmas in 2013. I was working in a restaurant as a sous chef, which meant working long hours on my feet with lots of bending down movements. The pain got worse and worse, and I really thought that I would be living with this pain for the rest of my life. Thankfully, after just my consultation and health talk with Hannah, I felt like I was in safe hands. The journey from being in the very worst pain up to this point of being relieved of pain has been outstanding.”
Ali’s story
Before starting care my spine and shoulder pain limited my movements, which impacted on my general health and wellbeing. Since starting with Hannah I have had much less pain and am able to enjoy life much more because I am doing more activity. I cannot recommend chiropractic enough, in particular Hannah. This has changed my life! Thank you.”
Brendan’s story
“During my last two days of my holiday I put my back out during the shower. By the time I returned home I was feeling very fed up with the nagging pain I was in. I am extremely thankful to have found chiropractic. Hannah has worked wonders on my back and neck. Her adjustments have straightened my spine and loosened my neck muscles which I hadn’t realised were so tight! I can now go for longer walks with my husband and even bend down to tidy the garden.”
Margaret’s story