Fumiaki Tanaka

Job Title: 
Alexander Technique teacher, Three Principles Facilitator

Fumiaki is a native Japanese. He first came across the Alexander Technique over 25 years ago while studying acting in the US. He was fascinated by its holistic approach and its potential for performer training.

He came to the UK to complete an MA in Physical Theatre. His research in performer training naturally led him to train as an Alexander Technique teacher in London.
He has been teaching the Alexander Technique since 2003, both in private practice and in drama schools and universities in the UK, Japan and US. He is also an associate lecture at Plymouth University/Plymouth Conservatoire, where he teaches movement to theatre students.

Fumiaki has a diverse training background in mind-body work and spiritual practices, including Three Principles, Buddhist meditation, mindfulness, yoga, qi-gong, Tai-Chi, Feldenkrais, Aikido and more. He is also a teacher of Laban (a form of movement analysis) and has studied with many of the first generation teachers who trained with Rudolf Laban.
As a qualified Three Principles facilitator, I incorporate it into my Alexander Technique teaching to help people find freedom in their mind and body and realise their true potential.
Fumiaki is a member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique. He is DBS checked and fully insured for the Alexander technique teaching and Three Principles facilitation.


Alexander Technique:

The Alexander Technique is a subtle yet powerful way to restore the natural poise we have within.

Through teacher’s guidance, you become aware of your lifelong habits and release unnecessary tension in the body.
This process re-establishes proper alignment of the body, facilitates better coordination and enables the whole body to function more naturally.

This simple and subtle change in the way you use yourself can bring about profound benefits to both your mind and body.
People have Alexander Technique lessons for many reasons: back pain, neck and shoulder pain, tension head ache, RSI, or improving posture, music playing skills, horse riding, playing golf and the list goes on. 


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As a professional musician the Alexander Technique has been extremely beneficial to me. It has enabled me to remain healthy in my professional life and improve my technique through increased poise and sensitivity. Fumiaki's grasp of AT and his ability to convey the technique are excellent. I really enjoy working with him.
Phillip Henry
I can't recommend Fumiaki enough! I came to him in a lot of pain, having issues with my back and hips for years. While my issues are improving, I am learning so much about myself and what causes my pain. I am learning how to listen to my body, do less and stop holding onto my stress and tension. I feel calmer, am in less pain and therefore have more energy. Fumiaki has a unique way of explaining how the body works in such a simple and visual way. It is so much easier to understand how everything relates to each other and what is needed to make subtle yet significant changes. Fumiaki's combination of mind and bodywork is very powerful and I look forward to seeing and feeling where this will take me.
Caroline Smith
I recently resumed Alexander Technique lessons after a 25 year period, and was fortunate to meet Fumiaki Tanaka, an excellent teacher. I have been very impressed by Mr. Tanaka's teaching ability from the very beginning of our lessons together. We did both table and chair work, and it wasn't long before my body remembered the Alexander work I had done so many years ago. I found Mr. Tanaka to be very patient and encouraging, while holding to excellent standards. His teaching style is simple, natural and easy to follow. I recommend his lessons very highly.
Steve Beimel
Having spent more than three decades hunched over a computer keyboard, my posture was terrible and I was starting to suffer. Fumiaki's Alexander Technique lessons have been excellent in helping me to un-learn these habits and to sit and stand more comfortably and sustainably. Thank you!
Andy Wood
It was Fumiaki's home-page picture with the word ZEN across it that decided me. I didn't want yet one more 'thing to do' to ease my crunched neck and achy hip, and I'm happy to discover from Fumiaki that the way is all about not-trying, about allowing my body to rediscover its/my natural way. In just five lessons, I feel freer, more fluid and most importantly more aware of my habits to 'crunch', to strain, and actually inhibit this natural way... How wonderful to find the 'right' person to work with. Thank you -
Jane Barclay
Fumiaki is an excellent teacher. I have been doing Alexander Technique for approximately 7 years & highly recommend him. I first came to Fumi with a neck problem which Fumiaki helped me overcome. Through the technique, he allows good habits to replace bad ones allowing the body to adopt its' natural posture. I now do classes regularly.
My body can be so easily affected by my mental state, I used to suffer from severe stomach pain or bad skin condition whenever I was stressed by something. Going through a few lessons over the last couple of months, he has taught me how to unite my mind and body and now I'm gradually becoming capable of stay calm and relaxed whenever I needed physically and mentally. And I don't suffer from stomachache nor bad skin rash as much as I did before! He is a great teacher and I highly recommend his lessons.
M. M.
I started going to AT because I am tall and, as the world is not designed for tall people, over the years my lower back pain kept recurring and getting worse. What AT taught me is that, without knowing, you pick up bad habits in everyday posture. AT gives you the awareness to “unlearn” that and re-connect to what you did naturally many years ago – only with more self-awareness and an increasing sense of control. I could sense from the first lesson it was right for me and a solution was in sight if I worked at it enough. Fumiaki-san has great English and his use of imagery and instructions accompany a strong sense of what’s happening at a really precise level physically. He’s also come through it himself and is supportive and encouraging. He brings his own blend of Japanese/Western experience but does not force this on you – he allows you to find your own path within the overall framework. Recommended!
Y. Nakamura
The lessons I have had with Fumiaki have been very helpful in identifying the causes of the tension and stiffness that has built up in my body over many years, and in learning ways of putting them right. My posture has already improved.
I am so happy I have found Fumiaki. I have a hereditary postural problem. Many years ago I found a wonderful Alexander Technique teacher and then found out she was one of the last students to be taught by FM Alexander himself. After a while and meaning to get back I checked on the STAT website & chose Fumiaki, not only was he close to where I live but I really liked his philosophy of the Technique. I'm so impressed. Alexander Technique is so hard to describe...but it really works. You so have to trust your teacher. Fumiaki has a very soft but very powerful touch. I walked out today feeling about 6 inches taller. So it's about your neck being the right position but lifting up & the rest of the body joins in.... Your teacher is talking to your body and if you let go the results are so powerful! Trust me it so works!!
Anne C.
Although it's not my first time to have an Alexander Technique lesson ... I am amazed by the lesson. Never had this kind of experience. No... It must have been my first AT experience. I had a real taste of the Alexander Technique yesterday. I don't really know how to express it in words. I am truly astonished. Thank you very much.
C. H. Yoga instructor & Alexander Technique trainee in Japan