Catherine Crane

Job Title: 
Orthotic Consultant

Foot and Gait Analysis

Do you have....

Foot or toe pain? bunions/hammer toes? plantar fasciitis? corns/ingrowing toenails? morton's neuroma? foot arch/heel pain? shoes wearing out unevenly? knee/hip or back pain? poor posture?

Catherine Crane BSc (Hons) D.C., offers appointments to assess your foot and gait motion when standing and walking. This is done with a gait scan, a computer which measures and displays a 2D and 3D pressure of your foot. The report is your prescription; it tells us how to correct your symptoms  and whether Orthotic therapy could help you. 

Your tailor made prescription Orthotics (insoles) are specifically and uniquely designed for you. They correct the mechanics of your foot bones, thereby realigning them to restore your natural walking pattern and posture.This can help to reduce pain and improve symptoms.

Follow up sessions involve exercises, rehabilitation and treatments of the lower limb and foot.

To book appointments with catherine please cll her personally on 07725882793 or email

I've really noticed an improvement in my plantar fasciitis and my left knee pain has improved to the point where I can walk up and down stairs without pain
A.S. Coventry.
Since introducing orthotics alongside my chiropractic maintenance care, I have noticed my posture is holding for longer between appointments. I feel a lot stronger everywhere
S.C, Devon.