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Welcome to Ola Chiropractic.

Ola is a chiropractic and complementary health centre in Totnes, Devon.  It is home to principal chiropractor Dr Claire Ryan DC, who set up the centre, and her colleague Hannah Green DC.

Working alongside Claire and Hannah are 24 other practitioners, offering a range of therapies, including reflexology, shiatsu, acupuncture and massage.

Since it opened its doors in 2009, Claire and her team have created a professional and nurturing environment, where you can rediscover your natural wellness in a calm and nurturing space.

This website will tell you about chiropractic care and the other therapies available at Ola.

To find out more, or to make an appointment, please call on 01803 862 565. Ola has a receptionist on duty to take your calls Monday-Saturday.  Outside of these hours, please leave your name and number and we will get back to you.

You can also follow Ola on Facebook.

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Totnes Opening Times: 
Monday: 14:00-19:00
Tuesday: 9:30-13:00, 14:00-19:00
Wednesday: 8:00-12:30
Thursday: 9:30-13:00, 2:00-19:00
Friday: 9:00-12:30
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Latest News

Posted: Monday, October 14, 2019 - 17:51

Dr Zehra Merteroglu ~ Chiropractor
Judit Meixner ~ Massage Therapist
Dr Hannah Green ~ Chiropractor
Marie Oxley ~ Massage...

Posted: Monday, October 14, 2019 - 15:30

Zehra D.C. has completed a 5 year masters degree in 
Chiropractic and has been in practice for 3 years. 


Recent Testimonials

  • "I've really noticed an improvement in my plantar fasciitis and my left knee pain has improved to the point where I can walk up and down stairs without pain"
    - A.S. Coventry.
  • "Since introducing orthotics alongside my chiropractic maintenance care, I have noticed my posture is holding for longer between appointments. I feel a lot stronger everywhere"
    - S.C, Devon.
  • "Luka, simply what a very special lady you are. I really can't thank you enough for giving and sharing with me your healing massage. You are very humble and soft natured, yet you have these powerful healing hands. I literally floated out of your room and felt like the weight of the last few years had evaporated. I can't thank you enough. I can't believe I've been so lucky to finally find someone who is so gifted. "
    - Lucy Kaufman. Devon
  • "Luka fully encompasses every nurturing characteristic you would wish a therapist to have. My husband and I were very lucky to discover her on a holiday weekend trip, and have made a point of returning every time we visit Totnes. Luka has a wonderfully warm, soothing touch and a calm demeanour resulting in instant relaxation. Her holistic knowledge and advice resulted in me giving up dairy products, which resolved a severe two year sinus problem, which a series of GP and ENT consultant appointments failed to do. We wholeheartedly recommend Luka and all her services, she is a rare gift of extraordinary knowledge and skill "
    - J & A. Luther, Surrey.
  • "I treated myself to a massage with Luka. Under her loving touch my body felt beautifully met, nourished and supported to relax and open. She then massaged two dear friends who had been struggling with pain and tension. It was a joy to see them emerge softened, renewed and very grateful. I would recommend Luka's massages to anyone for the gift of her healing hands, the delicious oils she blends for each person, her warm shining heart, and her capacity to attune to whoever she is working with very deeply. "
    - Fanny Behrens. Devon.
  • "I have had many varied experiences of massage and after a period of illness chose Luka purely on impulse, my instinct took me to the right place. Luka's very real skills, intuition, sensitivity and professionalism are complemented by her enthusiasm, vibrancy and kindness. She possesses a genuine ability to divine and meet needs that I had, as well as identify and enhance any strengths, none of which I was aware of before. I find Luka's treatment works on all levels and believe that she has a genuine gift. To 'recommend' Luka seems too mundane, she is unique and has a unique ability, she has my heartfelt gratitude. "
    - Barry Wheeler. Devon.
  • "I love your massages Luka - my body trusts your hands, and this doesn't come easy for me. You have a special and unique combination of sensitivity, strength, understanding, wisdom and intuition that make a session with you a deeply nurturing experience - add your knowledge and a few lovely oils to that and well, heaven could hardly be a better place! "
    - N Ludlow, Devon.
  • "I booked a 1 hour remedial massage with Judit in April 2015. It was her first day practising from Ola Chiropractic. Her welcome was easy and she quickly and efficiently interviewed me to establish my health and what sorts of discomfort I was experiencing. I felt that she gave just the right amount of time to this before deciding and explaining what she proposed to do. She inspired confidence. The massage itself very effectively to explored, identified and then addressed the areas of discomfort, especially in upper back, shoulders and arms. Pressure was gradually increased and Judit took care always to check whether the pressure she was applying was bearable. At all times she maintained contact and progressed smoothly from one area to the next so that the whole session was "seemless". Judit also gave useful advice about posture and what to do after the massage. Altogether a very therapeutic experience carried out with the utmost professionalism in a friendly and easy manner. "
    - Gavin King-Smith (67)
  • ""I've been seeing Judit on and off since February this year, but I'd only see her for one session, and then leave a gap for a few months and see her again. I've got very sore shoulder, neck and back muscles so I returned to see her in November and she recommended that I see her for a few more sessions consecutively so that she could really do some work in the muscles, and see how my body responds. I decided I would do this as I was in quite a lot of pain. Thankfully I did this as after 3 sessions my muscles are noticeably softer and Judit was 'chuffed' to see my body responding well to treatment! I've had many many massages over the years and I have to say that Judit is the first person who has actually been able to treat my problem! Thank you so much Judit! " "
    - Ellen Yun
  • ""I visited London Bridge City Sports Massage in May with a bad back due to carrying heavy bags and poor posture. The treatment I received from Judith was second to none. Her deep massage eased the aches and pains and got right to the root causes of the tensions in my muscles and soft tissues. Judith's advice was excellent; She really knew her stuff, and her expertise made me feel a hundred times better. I recommend this treatment to anyone; It is well worth the money, nice to treat yourself, great for unwinding and relaxing for an hour, and relieves physical problems at the same time.""
    - - Stephen Lupton
  • "I found my massage with Judit to be beneficial on many levels. Her skill and knowledge made me feel in very safe and caring hands and her direction to use the breath, so as to deepen the affect, was wonderful. "
    - Samantha Roderick
  • "I loved the massage you gave me Judit, it felt very deep and nurturing. It gave me a calm sense of intergration and of being well held and heard. You work with a strong confidence and having done massage for 10 years myself, I can tell that you also take care of yourself as you work, so that the space you hold is very safe. Thankyou! "
    - Cath Sturdy
  • "I have been visiting Judit every month for 5 years and I can honestly say that the sports treatment I have with her is both muscle recovery and mental recovery. My body always feels lighter and stronger after my massage. She focuses on the most stressed areas and responds intuitively to every need, making sure the pressure is comfortable and ensuring my breathing is in tune with the therapy. In that hour I feel restored, present in my body and aware of my breathing. I highly recommend Judit's therapy to anyone who wants to speed up tension release, increase mental focus and tissue healing. She also had many great tips for avoiding muscle soreness through appropriate stretches before exercise. The benefits of her sports massage are more than just physical. "
    - Niki O'Callaghan
  • " "Just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me in my knee rehab. Things are getting much better, and I'm back to 90 degree flexion and can actively straighten my knee fully for the first time after 2yrs.’’ "
    - Dominic McVeigh
  • "‘Being six months pregnant, I was slightly apprehensive before my massage, particularly as I find lying on my back uncomfortable, however Judit, my therapist at Snowfields, made sure I was very comfy right from the start with pregnancy pillows and a toasty, warm room. Judit listened to my needs and addressed my aches and pains carefully. Not only did I feel lively and supple afterwards, I felt pampered too. I’ve never known an hour to fly so quickly. It’s just what a pregnant mum-to-be could ask for!' "
    - Louise O'Bryan
  • "Just come back from my first massage with Judit and I am extremely impressed. I was referred by my GP following an upper back muscular injury and was told the best thing was a sports massage. Judit understood immediately what was required from my description and set to work - the massage itself was extremely relaxing but due to the tender muscles it was understandably uncomfortable at times but not to the point of yelling!! Obviously I am hopeful that the massage has done the trick, but should further treatment be required I would have no hesitation in using Judit's services again. Thank you. :O) "
    - Keith Ellis
  • "Kate will always hold a very special place in my heart as I truly believe if it wasn’t for her kindness, expertise and professionalism I would not have had the perfect birthing experience that I did have with the birth of my first child. Throughout my pregnancy I followed the Gentle Birth Method. This method holds reflexology as central to a healthy pregnancy and birth. Consequently, I was on a mission to find myself a reflexologist who would work with me while I was pregnant – this wasn’t an easy task. Luckily for me I was put in Kate’s direction, where throughout my pregnancy and birth she looked after me and gave me just what I needed to work my way through the life changing experiences of being pregnant and becoming a mother. Kate was then kind enough to also work with me throughout my labour, as I had a home birth. Keeping the contractions going was really important in order for me to remain at home, again the reflexology that I experienced throughout my labour was definitely key to its success. This was particularly apparent when the midwife suggested Kate popped home for a few hours and my contractions ceased. I can’t thank Kate enough. "
    - Sinead, Brixham
  • "I started seeing Kate for weekly reflexology treatments 6 weeks before the birth of my first child. I am convinced that these sessions contributed hugely to the feelings of energy, good health and well-being that I experienced in the run up to the birth. I was able to approach my labour with calmness and confidence having had these blissful moments each week where I could relax and feel peaceful. I cannot recommend Kate highly enough, she is a wonderful practitioner. "
    - Hannah, Newton Abbot
  • "I was a client with Kate over a long period of time. I had reflexology to help combat my hay fever, for general de-stressing and relaxation as well as when I was undergoing IVF and after my baby was born. My treatments with her always helped me enormously — they lifted my mood and boosted my general health. I also found that they helped ease a sore back and neck, particularly when my son was little. Kate is a fantastic therapist, she combines a powerful technique with an empathetic manner. I was sorry that she moved away — London’s loss is Totnes’s gain! "
    - Pippa, Surrey
  • "I have come to regard shiatsu treatments with Kate as both a great luxury and a necessity. The luxury lies in the comfortable, warm, calm, welcoming atmosphere she creates, as well as the relaxing nature of the whole experience. The necessity lies in the healing that takes place in every session. Under Kate's skilful hands, the healing power of shiatsu is obvious to me by the sensation of vibrant energy surging through the various organs and meridians she is working on, and the feeling that my whole spinal column is being bathed in a flow of hot oil, dissolving the knots and blockages. Something new for me too, after such a relaxing treatment, is an immediate, heightened and enduring sense of mental and physical alertness and energy. In short, a shiatsu treatment with Kate would be the best Christmas present I could give anyone."
    - Aurora, Cornwall
  • "I have not felt so grounded for ages. I’ve been trying to come off antidepressants for seven years and this is the first time it’s been successful. I put this down to regular Indian head massages with Kate and her calming influence. "
    - Julia, London
  • "What an unexpected, pleasurable and beneficial experience I had yesterday. Thank you Luka, serendipity at it's best. I walked from you loose and free, and later slept like a log - and on my back! The testimonials say it all - you have magic fingers and an intuitive mind. "
    - Ken Wilber. Wales.
  • "Dear Luka, I just want to say thanks so much for the massage you gave me last Friday before I went on holiday. It really helped! I didn't experience any pain whilst I was away. You have a real gift and I am so grateful to be able to come to you when needed. "
    - E Stacey, Devon
  • "I am a writer who spends many hours on my computer. As a result I often suffer from severe back pain and headaches. After a number of unsuccessful visits to therapists, a friend recommended that I make an appointment with Luka. The results after just one consultation and session were remarkable. Luka's intuitive and skilful use of oils and integrated massage techniques made an impact on the problem area immediately. The hour session was deeply effective and healing. I have been back to her many times since then for therapy and always come out feeling nurtured, relaxed and renewed. I can't recommend Luka enough. "
    - Donna Thomson. Devon.
  • "I just wanted to thank you for another fantastic massage today, Luka. It is very hard to put my finger on just why you are so special. It is something to do with you being very attuned to how the physical and the emotional operate together, so that you are working with them both at the same time. It is a lot to do with how very well I feel after a session with you - as though my body has been coaxed not just back into life, but back into healthy living. And it is also something to do with the way you seem intuitively to be able to read me and soothe my various ailments, ancient and more recent, through your amazing massages. I have introduced you to several friends and members of my family - who have without exception (including - in fact especially! - those suspicious of massage) been similarly impressed and they all long to be able to come back to have you treat them again. I'm working on it! Many many thanks indeed."
    - Caroline Shea. London.
  • ""I can arrive in Pippa's lovely room stressed, exhausted and anxious, within 1 hour I have moved to another level in body and mind. It is a truely wonderful experience"."
    - Chrisine Sweetman Totnes
  • "Thanks to Claire and Network Spinal Chiropractic my life has changed on so many levels in the few months I have attended. I am a qualified R.N for the past forty years,studying Western,Chinese,Tibetan and Ayurvedic methods of healing but only Network is a genuine holistic framework of healing. I can honestly state this from an experiential point of view as it has affected my life psychologically,physically,emotionally and spiritually for the better. The treatment encourages growth and increases human potential,it opens doors of perception to allow evolving to become a natural step in progress,it all seems effortless as long as the patient is of an open mind and welcomes change. Psychologically I am more conscious,focused,compassionate and equanimous with an increasing positive and loving nature. Physically, I am healthier and fitter, after starting a strict vegetarian diet,restarting Qi Gong and feel stress free- as you are aware my work can be very stressful. Spiritually, I have resumed meditating and rediscovered my thirst for knowledge with a passion I never thought was possible,all of this in just a few short months,astounding progress! My relationships have improved,finances and overall well being have all been radically affected and I thank YOU for helping me to achieve all his and soo much more. However,the biggest insight is there is no more I,Me and Mine but a knowledge of a universal consciousness whereby we will all strive to improve relationships with one another and evolve as a species,A Planetary Consciousness for the benefit of all, With love and Heartfelt Appreciation Martina"
    - Martina Stafford
  • " "5 star Pippa is great at what she does and helps me get through stressful times in life by making a regular massage appointment sheer I only have to focus on what I need rather than everyone else. Would thoroughly recommend her to you all and on top of that she is such a lovely person to know!" Jill"
    - Jill Breeze
  • ""As an experienced massage therapist myself and having received a lot of massage over the years from other therapists means, I am a very fussy and hard to please. I have been looking for a long time to find another therapist who can live up to my expectations and Pippa certainly does. I receive a massage from her on a regular basis and find it to be deeply relaxing, nurturing, healing, and releasing on both a physical, mental and emotional level. She has a calm and gentle manner which compliments her knowledge, training and intuition, which leaves me feeling deeply nourished on all levels" "
    - Gerry Gouge
  • "" I have been having a massage from Pippa for the past 4 years . Having had a regular massage over the past 30 years I consider myself somewhat of a seasoned receiver. i therefore am most particular as to whom I receive treatments from. Pippa's style of massage, for me, is exceptional for many reasons. Firstly her energy, her warmth and personality put me at ease within minutes of my first treatment. Her technique and knowledge of this art coupled with the afore mentioned make her for me a 'monthly must have'. until she leaves or gives up I will not consider looking elsewhere". "
    - John Cox
  • ""Pippas massage is simply the ultimate relaxing experience". "
    - Christel Anskersmit
  • "“A wonderfully relaxing and powerfully therapeutic massage. Beforehand I was unable to turn my head to one side but after my treatment with Judit, I had full mobility returned: I felt great! Judit is a caring, immensely capable and technically talented therapist. I would highly recommend a session.” "
    - LC, Artist
  • "Dr Claire is very professional and skilled, within one session I was free of pain, walking straighter and felt more ease in my body. Ive recommended her to dozens of people. I feel lucky to have found her to support me with any aches or pains that present themselves. "
    - Nrependra Singh
  • ""I think Pippa is the best massage therapist I have ever found. From the first time I visited she made me feel very comfortable.She has a calming, gentle presence but is strong a sure when massaging and I have never found a therapist who feels as committed and present during each massage as she does.I love all the different techniques she knows and how they combine to make a mini adventure in massage which feels slightly different in each session. Something about the trust she evokes also allows my mind to wander off and let go in away that feels enjoyable and creative and I never absorb any sense of hurry, rush or tension from her, By the end of the hour I feel wonderfully dozy and relaxed and usually sleep well that night. I would recommend her massages to everyone, whether they have a particular problem area that needs sorting out or just want to come down a notch or two, The only down side is they are rather addictive" "
    - Clara Williams Devon
  • "The massage was a surprise , a really good surprise. At the same time Judit has a soft and gentle touch she is present, what called me to my own presence as well. I had light back pain when I arrived at the studio and I left with no pain, energized and with a feeling that I was looked after. "
    - Cristiane Guerreiro, student at Schumacher College
  • "The F.I sessions have worked as a kind of slow infiltration, it is increasingly affecting how I occupy my body in movement. As though my body and the sensation of my body are coming into synch. It's become about noticing things rather than correcting things - thats how the sessions are. They are exploratory and suggestive which gives a lot of space, to bring what I know and understand of movement, body and sensation The hands on approach, different to the Feldenkrais group workshops, gives an extra attention and information to something through touch - the touch is often so light and tiny but very direct, specific, knowing. Its a touch that seems to bypass the muscles, tendons and meat of the body and touch the skeleton - For me this is one of the most exciting affecting aspect of the sessions, getting to the skeleton. Mostly makes me feel very light, simple and easy and sometimes takes a little while to ground again. The very small movements and touches can have a huge impact on the body. Not in huge explosive excitable 'wows' but in deeply quiet confirming 'wows'. Over the weeks my body increasingly integrated and recognised the information it was receiving from the session - like it was building up a memory bank of sensation of moving. It assumes nothing and corrects nothing, but a lot happens."
    - Katrina Brown, choreographer/lecturer
  • "Judit's approach is gentle, yet strong and she is exceptionally skilled in building a trusting relationship. I have felt safe with her and nourished by her treatments. I warmly recommend her to prospective clients."
    - Jon Stein, writer
  • "I came to Kat with much experience of professional help. My previous experience of psychologists and councillors was that they want to find out what is wrong, and test techniques to fix me. Each week I would return, feedback how their proposed techniques didn’t work for me and they would try and find another solution. Kat’s approach is an empowering alternative. Instead of trying to tell me there is something wrong, Kat makes me realise how I am stopping myself from easily overcoming my problems. She makes me realise who I am, and that I have to give myself the space to approach my challenges as the person I am. She makes me step back from focussing on what’s not happening right now, and see everything I have and how close I am to my goals. She has helped me personally and professionally. From our first meeting Kat taught me that there is no need to extinguish my own personal qualities, even if those qualities may be considered by some as detrimental. Ultimately, if it’s part of me, the likelihood is that fundamental part of me will never go away forever…so Kat helped me accept my anxiety, be its friend, manage it and use it for the strengths it gives me. She helped me realise that when it all becomes too much, accept that this may sometimes happen, and inevitably, with acceptance comes peace, and my anxiety attacks float away. This is a stark contrast to the battles I used to have with myself. As a result of my anxiety I overthink and worry about EVERYTHING. Kat has helped me keep a cool head and realise how much I have achieved with my professional work- rather than what I tell myself I haven’t done. She has helped me communicate to my partner what I am going through, but not rely on his help- I have to take my happiness into my own hands, and this itself is an empowering act of self love. Kat has helped me accept myself, accept my battles, and therefore be in the correct headspace to put all the support methods in place to take me off my anxiety medication. After all, when has worrying ever made someone more prepared? The best part about sessions with Kat, is you walk in with a problem and expect to leave with a solution; when in actual fact, I leave every session with the problem ripped apart and diminished to a point where I feel completely capable of overcoming it (and of course an action plan in how to do so!). Thank you K "
    - Erin W
  • "“Coaching with Kat has had a profoundly wonderful impact on my life. My confidence and resilience levels have grown enormously, I’m having more fun, I feel more present and balanced in the ups and down and am less concerned with what other people think of me. Using the tools Kat has taught me and the encouragement and beautiful permission slips she gives, I’m becoming more relaxed and gentle with myself and am even growing in confidence to relax amidst intense pain! Perhaps I really am enough after all! Perhaps I am even more than enough!! Perhaps I am actually awesome!!! I finally feel I have met someone who sees and values my magnificence and beauty in all its many forms and who also has the skills to guide me lovingly into more of myself so I can do more of what I came here to do – radiate love and understanding! This was not me six months ago! Kat embodies a rare depth of integrated and balanced love and wisdom and her intuition is amazingly accurate which makes her sessions extremely valuable. What I’m most struck by and really appreciate is Kat’s kind and gentle way of working with me. She has a huge heart and her radiance is gloriously infectious. Kat has the ability to incisively and lovingly get the best out of me. I feel extremely fortunate to have found such a fun, wise, compassionate and effective life-coach who I deeply trust. Before working with Kat, it felt like I had been stuck in some sticky patterns for a while and thanks to our sessions, things have become much clearer and are shifting forward again. Kat is a true blessing and I can’t recommend her work highly enough”. "
    - Alice Lear
  • "Kat has helped me get really clear on how to proceed with my values at heart through a very difficult time in my business. I feel more able to lead powerfully and to step forwards with intention towards the things I really want to see in my life. Kat has a strong intuition and sensitivity which helped uncover patterns which had been limiting me for a long time. Just seeing them has helped so much, and I feel freer and more able to act in the ways I really wish to. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough. "
    - D.R.
  • "Wow! I feel so relaxed. My body is happy and moving is so much easier. I love choosing the oils. You seem to have a natural understanding of how to help me. Thank you. "
    - Charlie
  • "I leave each treatment feeling totally divine and thoroughly nurtured. The immersive experience of beautiful oils and massage let all the tension and stress leave my body. I found Zarah’s warm and intuitive manor put me completely at ease and allowed me to deeply to relax."
    - Lisa
  • " Zarah took great care to consider all aspects of my wellbeing, my treatment was really tailored to my needs. I felt very relaxed and grounded afterwards. It was a wonderful experience."
    - Mel
  • "Zarah does a very relaxing massage, with the choice of oils it makes it a wonderful experience for mind and body, very recommendable."
    - Maddy
  • "Quite definitely the best masseur I know. Luka is very professional, knowledgeable, and gives a great deep tissue massage. Able to shift my shoulder pain and leave me pain free, supple and relaxed. Great aromatherapy oil blends too - her warm hearts blend smells good enough to eat! "
    - S Bradley, Devon
  • "I have benefitted tremendously from the massages I have had with Luka. They have been deep nurturing, powerful and gentle experiences. I would highly recommend her."
    - F Vogelius, Devon
  • "Luka is a lovely genuine lady who clearly enjoys the good work that she does. Luka listens to me, and then works on any problems that I may have. I feel completely safe in her hands and happy in the knowledge that her massage therapy will result in both my body and being benefiting in the most wonderful way."
    - M Thomas, Devon
  • "''I attended a couple of Yoga retreats at Bala Brook in Devon. It’s a beautiful location with great food. Neville is a really good teacher who helps people at all levels. Thai massage wonderful to ease those aching muscles! Highly recommended.'' "
    - Val S , Cambridge
  • "''Nev's Thai massage is such a treat! I practiced Shiatsu for some years, and have received much bodywork over that time, becoming somewhat of a fussy individual! I found Nev's treatment wonderful, and his touch spot on. He certainly knows his stuff and I would recommend him to any of my friends.'' "
    - S W counselling student, ex Shiatsu practitioner.
  • ""Nev's Thai massage treatments are beautifully relaxing and deeply intelligent. He really understands the body and he brings decades of experience of yoga and bodywork to his treatments.” "
    - Nisha , Totnes .
  • ""Nev's brand of Thai massage is vigorous, intelligent & sensitive. I feel energised but at peace at the same time after one of Nev’s massages.” "
    - Katie T. Marketing Manager and Poet.
  • ""I went on one Neville’s yoga holidays in Dalyan, Turkey with Free Spirit Travel. His subtly challenging approach to teaching the yoga asanas really worked for me as an over 50’s relative beginner. So great to practice in a relaxed spacious environment with fantastic food.” "
    - Tina G , USA
  • ""I have been on many yoga retreats abroad with Neville and been to Bala Brook retreat centre on Dartmoor on numerous occasions. Neville is a fabulous teacher and his approach is sensitive, intelligent and emphasises the important principles of movement in yoga as well as the meditative side." "
    - Bill Beattie , Accountant, Torquay .
  • ""Marie is a fantastic therapist. I have had several massages as well as some ayurvedic nutritional sessions. The last massage I had really relieved a lot of tension in my neck and I felt much lighter and totally relaxed. Definitely recommend Marie!" "
    - (Katy, Hemyock)
  • ""Marie has magic hands, the oils are wonderful, you will not want your Ayurvedic massage to end. Marie also is experienced in Ayurvedic medicine and can help with health issues and prescribe herbs. I cannot recommend her enough." "
    - (Sarah, Tavistock)
  • ""Marie was amazing! She’s incredibly good at what she does and I would recommend her to anyone." "
    - (Adam, Torquay)
  • ""Marie is highly skilled and never fails to put me at ease. Her expertise and advice have helped me so much with my health and wellbeing. I cannot recommend her highly enough!" "
    - (Lizzie, Essex)
  • ""Marie gives excellent massages. Her dietary advice has been very helpful. She is a patient and thoughtful yoga instructor - as a complete beginner, she let me move at my own pace, without feeling pressured." "
    - (Joe, Bristol)
  • ""Highly recommended. Marie has a natural ability to connect with people and work with them on their own individual areas for healing. I felt relaxed and comfortable with Marie and her approach was very in tune with what I needed. I have recommended this to my parents and they to have found great benefit from the treatments offered by Marie. I look forward to more therapy from Marie in the future." "
    - (Rich, Torquay)
  • ""Marie gave a blissful postnatal massage, she was very aware of my bodies needs and very accommodating to the newborn baby in the corner!" "
    - (Hannah, Torquay)
  • ""It's always a wonderful relaxing experience when Marie gives me a treatment. I can highly recommend it" "
    - (Vivienne, Paignton)
  • ""Marie, was very professional in her work, extremely considerate and created a calming relaxing environment during her massage treatment. Marie explained in detail what she was doing and the benefits of the various treatments available" "
    - (Maggie, Lancashire)
  • ""Marie has amazing understanding of Ayurvedic therapy and applies it to achieve top results." "
    - (Christine, Lancashire)
  • ""Marie has helped my back wonderfully, leaving the session feeling lighter and brighter both mentally and physically. Shall certainly be returning! Very welcoming with good energies in both Marie and the space, exceedingly calming with beautiful oils~relaxing. Thank you so much Marie, I can't thank you enough and shall be back more regularly! Lovely Soul and great work :~} recommend to all who suffer from achey muscles!" "
    - (Kiera, Plymouth)
  • ""I had an incredible massage with Marie. She paid attention to all the parts of my body that were tight even ones i didn't know were. I felt super relaxed and zenned out the whole session. Definitely in the top three massages of my life! Thank you for a wonderful experience." "
    - (Will, Kingsbridge)
  • ""Had an awesome Ayurvedic massage from Marie. The hour felt like a million hours and I was super chilled afterwards. All round top person and top service!""
    - (Jack, Bristol)
  • "As a professional musician the Alexander Technique has been extremely beneficial to me. It has enabled me to remain healthy in my professional life and improve my technique through increased poise and sensitivity. Fumiaki's grasp of AT and his ability to convey the technique are excellent. I really enjoy working with him. "
    - Phillip Henry
  • "I can't recommend Fumiaki enough! I came to him in a lot of pain, having issues with my back and hips for years. While my issues are improving, I am learning so much about myself and what causes my pain. I am learning how to listen to my body, do less and stop holding onto my stress and tension. I feel calmer, am in less pain and therefore have more energy. Fumiaki has a unique way of explaining how the body works in such a simple and visual way. It is so much easier to understand how everything relates to each other and what is needed to make subtle yet significant changes. Fumiaki's combination of mind and bodywork is very powerful and I look forward to seeing and feeling where this will take me. "
    - Caroline Smith
  • "I recently resumed Alexander Technique lessons after a 25 year period, and was fortunate to meet Fumiaki Tanaka, an excellent teacher. I have been very impressed by Mr. Tanaka's teaching ability from the very beginning of our lessons together. We did both table and chair work, and it wasn't long before my body remembered the Alexander work I had done so many years ago. I found Mr. Tanaka to be very patient and encouraging, while holding to excellent standards. His teaching style is simple, natural and easy to follow. I recommend his lessons very highly. "
    - Steve Beimel
  • "Having spent more than three decades hunched over a computer keyboard, my posture was terrible and I was starting to suffer. Fumiaki's Alexander Technique lessons have been excellent in helping me to un-learn these habits and to sit and stand more comfortably and sustainably. Thank you! "
    - Andy Wood
  • "It was Fumiaki's home-page picture with the word ZEN across it that decided me. I didn't want yet one more 'thing to do' to ease my crunched neck and achy hip, and I'm happy to discover from Fumiaki that the way is all about not-trying, about allowing my body to rediscover its/my natural way. In just five lessons, I feel freer, more fluid and most importantly more aware of my habits to 'crunch', to strain, and actually inhibit this natural way... How wonderful to find the 'right' person to work with. Thank you - "
    - Jane Barclay
  • "Fumiaki is an excellent teacher. I have been doing Alexander Technique for approximately 7 years & highly recommend him. I first came to Fumi with a neck problem which Fumiaki helped me overcome. Through the technique, he allows good habits to replace bad ones allowing the body to adopt its' natural posture. I now do classes regularly. "
    - Ewan
  • "My body can be so easily affected by my mental state, I used to suffer from severe stomach pain or bad skin condition whenever I was stressed by something. Going through a few lessons over the last couple of months, he has taught me how to unite my mind and body and now I'm gradually becoming capable of stay calm and relaxed whenever I needed physically and mentally. And I don't suffer from stomachache nor bad skin rash as much as I did before! He is a great teacher and I highly recommend his lessons. "
    - M. M.
  • "I started going to AT because I am tall and, as the world is not designed for tall people, over the years my lower back pain kept recurring and getting worse. What AT taught me is that, without knowing, you pick up bad habits in everyday posture. AT gives you the awareness to “unlearn” that and re-connect to what you did naturally many years ago – only with more self-awareness and an increasing sense of control. I could sense from the first lesson it was right for me and a solution was in sight if I worked at it enough. Fumiaki-san has great English and his use of imagery and instructions accompany a strong sense of what’s happening at a really precise level physically. He’s also come through it himself and is supportive and encouraging. He brings his own blend of Japanese/Western experience but does not force this on you – he allows you to find your own path within the overall framework. Recommended! "
    - Y. Nakamura
  • "The lessons I have had with Fumiaki have been very helpful in identifying the causes of the tension and stiffness that has built up in my body over many years, and in learning ways of putting them right. My posture has already improved. "
    - Gerald
  • "I am so happy I have found Fumiaki. I have a hereditary postural problem. Many years ago I found a wonderful Alexander Technique teacher and then found out she was one of the last students to be taught by FM Alexander himself. After a while and meaning to get back I checked on the STAT website & chose Fumiaki, not only was he close to where I live but I really liked his philosophy of the Technique. I'm so impressed. Alexander Technique is so hard to describe...but it really works. You so have to trust your teacher. Fumiaki has a very soft but very powerful touch. I walked out today feeling about 6 inches taller. So it's about your neck being the right position but lifting up & the rest of the body joins in.... Your teacher is talking to your body and if you let go the results are so powerful! Trust me it so works!! "
    - Anne C.
  • "Although it's not my first time to have an Alexander Technique lesson ... I am amazed by the lesson. Never had this kind of experience. No... It must have been my first AT experience. I had a real taste of the Alexander Technique yesterday. I don't really know how to express it in words. I am truly astonished. Thank you very much. "
    - C. H. Yoga instructor & Alexander Technique trainee in Japan
  • ""Marie is a lovely gentle soul with a thorough and empathic understanding of her craft. Whether it be a whole body Ayurvedic massage, a therapeutic remedial one....or an unique blend of the two, the combination of her deft hands and nourishing warm oils always manage to produce the same result - pure contentment and complete relaxation. Marie has the highest recommendation from me!""
    - (Trisha, Churchinford)
  • ""I had the great fortune of meeting chiropractor Claire Ryan as a speaker at a parenting conference recently. She is so engaging and passionate about her field. After two years of getting little help through the NHS, she has already done more for my toddler after two visits to Ola. Jasmine on reception is great, too. She gets down on the floor to play with my toddler to help him feel at ease on arrival. Claire is great with him, and he enjoys being treated by her. That have a great rapport. To my toddler, Claire is putting everything right, one “pop pop” at a time! (I believe the technical term for the instrument is an Activator) My only regret is not finding her sooner!""
    - Janine Emily
  • "Excellent Rahanni training “Hilda is the most beautiful soul. Her teaching style is warm, knowledgeable and welcoming. I felt totally at ease at her recent Rahanni healing workshop in Totnes, Devon. She was very encouraging and thorough and I felt confident to put my training into practice by the end of the day. I thoroughly recommend Hilda and her Rahanni training workshops. Such a beautiful aura and soul. Thank you Hilda from my heart.” "
    - Claire Casely
  • "Rahanni celestial healing for horses "Hilda works very sensitively and the horses responded well, relaxing and obviously enjoying it. Even just being nearby while she was working I could feel my own energy realigning. Hilda is a wonderful therapist, with a warm and caring approach, and I would recommend her for healing support for both animals and humans, whatever the complaint or issues.""
    - Maude Star
  • "Help and compassion with Rahanni healing "Hilda, thank you for your help and compassion towards my pain and confusion and trying to make sense having come out from a difficult relationship. I felt seen by you in my own suffering without judgement and the Rahanni session was very supportive and enveloping my whole being. as the Archangels came one by one I felt their love and healing coming through your hands. I had reached a place of no return and had been so emotionally distraught I didn’t know how to deal with my pain. To only trust the process and let the energies take me where they need to. After the session I remained lying down feeling that love holding me. When I was ready I got up and went to cut the grass which had been something I had meant to do for a long time. Your words that you spoke were encouraging and I felt their healing energy as I had been attacked by someone else’s words lately yet yours were kind and helped me feel the truth of who I am versus what others think about me coming from their own pain. They don’t necessarily have to be the truth. But as I had been damaged in my self esteem from a long time ago I was drowning in my pain…" "
    - A.E.
  • ""Having sessions with Mark has totally changed the way I approach my health and my everyday life – I feel so much more balanced and he has really helped me understand my body as well as my emotional and mental processes. He is a very grounded and humble practitioner and very much in his heart – I couldn’t recommend him more for a really nourishing, relaxing and healing experience." "
    - Isabella Hardy
  • ""Mark's a patient, wise and caring man who I would highly recommend to anyone looking to build a better life for themselves and can't thank him enough for the help and guidance he has given me." "
    - Simon Williams
  • ""Mark is an excellent Healer and Herbal Practitioner. He has helped me immensely over the past year and a half. His genuine and sympathetic approach was refreshing. I would recommend him to anyone." "
    - Anne-Marie Stevens
  • "“I came to Hannah with long term neck and shoulder pain from stress, office work and running, and other health conditions. The pain used to be continuous, but surprisingly after just the first session I felt better than ever. Hannah has worked magic on my back and ever since, my whole body feels improved” "
    - Rita’s story
  • "“I started feeling pain in my right shoulder and right leg all the way down to my toes. I injured myself back in Christmas in 2013. I was working in a restaurant as a sous chef, which meant working long hours on my feet with lots of bending down movements. The pain got worse and worse, and I really thought that I would be living with this pain for the rest of my life. Thankfully, after just my consultation and health talk with Hannah, I felt like I was in safe hands. The journey from being in the very worst pain up to this point of being relieved of pain has been outstanding.” "
    - Ali’s story
  • "Before starting care my spine and shoulder pain limited my movements, which impacted on my general health and wellbeing. Since starting with Hannah I have had much less pain and am able to enjoy life much more because I am doing more activity. I cannot recommend chiropractic enough, in particular Hannah. This has changed my life! Thank you.” "
    - Brendan’s story
  • "“During my last two days of my holiday I put my back out during the shower. By the time I returned home I was feeling very fed up with the nagging pain I was in. I am extremely thankful to have found chiropractic. Hannah has worked wonders on my back and neck. Her adjustments have straightened my spine and loosened my neck muscles which I hadn’t realised were so tight! I can now go for longer walks with my husband and even bend down to tidy the garden.” "
    - Margaret’s story
  • "“I have been having reflexology with Veronica for about three years now. She is fantastic at what she does! Such a kind, gentle lady. I ALWAYS look forward to seeing her, it is such a treat! She can tell me so much about my health from my feet, it always amazes me!! I have back problems and she always gives great advice. She is also a great listener and I always feel so much better after my treatment. I would recommend her to anyone, she is wonderful and I feel so lucky to have had her recommended to me”. "
    - Shelley Devon
  • "“I feel blessed to have you Veronica as my Reflexologist. You have helped me through so many changes in my life over the years as an amazing Reflexologist and supportive friend”."
    - Claire Devon
  • "“As a long standing Reflexology client, I love my treatments and they have made not just a profound difference to my health but also to my general wellbeing”. "
    - Christine Devon
  • ""I just wanted to thank you so sincerely for your amazing reiki sessions. They have led me to accept that there is more to life than what the eye can see. Each session is different but they all leave me feeling at peace and I am sure this is partly due to your calming presence. I feel wrapped up in love and complete within myself". "
    - Sheila Devon
  • ""I feel so fortunate to have found you Veronica. It feels to me that you are truly in your element when you are offering Reiki treatments and guidance. It is as if your own practice has allowed the Reiki light to embody you". Roger Cornwall "
    - Roger Cornwall
  • ""I've just completed the Second Degree Reiki this weekend. The First Degree was amazing but this weekend surpassed even that. Veronica is a wonderful person and a talented teacher. She is skilful with managing the different characters on the course, thoughtful of everyone's needs. I can't recommend her courses enough. However, if you are not looking to be taught, but want an incredible Reiki session, you will not be disappointed. Veronica has a calming way about her and her gentle approach will leave you feeling balance and happy. Thank you Veronica". "
    - Rebecca Hampshire
  • ""It has been inspirational and a privilege to attend and experience all three Reiki Degrees these past twelve months, with a very special lady, Veronica, together with meeting and sharing Reiki with new friends in beautiful Totnes. This feels like the start of a very special and illuminated journey, Thank you Veronica!" "
    - Lesley Dorset
  • ""Thank you for a truly inspirational workshop. The pleasure and information were immense. The atmosphere you created with flowers and candles and special separate Attunement area was perfect. I also appreciate your practical approach, attention to detail, your wisdom and knowledge and all the support you gave me. The biscuits and refreshments were yummy too!" "
    - Pam Dartmouth
  • "Veronica you are a very special woman with a very special gift. You make our souls sing and our hearts beat. Through you and Reiki so many people are finding out who they are, why we are here and how they can help others. Thank you for sharing your special gift. You bring light and colour to everyone and you have truly changed my life and I shall be forever grateful. "
    - Robert Bath
  • "“I have just completed my first degree reiki training and I am so happy I chose Veronica for my training. Her courses are friendly, easy to follow and makes you feel like a brand new person. Not only is she a lovely soul, she’s kind, patient and very supportive. I can’t wait to come back and train for my second degree”. "
    - Lauren London
  • "“What an amazing weekend - it was all I wanted it to be and much much more. Thank you so so much Veronica - your guidance and inspiration has given me a truly magical start to my Reiki Journey. I cannot wait for my Second Degree! Reiki has become part of my life already. I have never experienced such deep peace and calm. Thank you too to the all the Ladies in our group who gave the whole weekend such an amazing atmosphere”. "
    - Tricia Cornwall