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Welcome to OLA Chiropractic. Dr. Claire Ryan and her team strive to bring a welcoming environment where you will feel nurtured as we help discover and treat the underlying cause of illness, ultimately returning you to your optimum health. There are now 15 therapists working alongside Dr Claire, the principal Chiropractor who set up this centre, offering everything from reflexology, shiatsu and acupuncture to massage, medical dowsing and beauty treatments.

With two locations to serve our Devon communities, we hope to bring improved life quality through our unique approach to your health and aligning your body, mind and soul. The centre has grown from strength to strength since opening its doors in 2012 as a calming and healing space. Home to a variety of complementary therapists who are outstanding in their field.

To discover the benefits of chiropractic care call us today or ask a question on our Facebook page! Our friendly staff look forward to hearing from you.

Receptionist on duty to take your calls Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Outside of these hours, please do leave a message with your name and number and we will get back to you ASAP.

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Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 14:30-19:00
Wednesday: 9:00-12:30, 15:00-18:30
Thursday: 14:30-19:00
Friday: 14:30-18:30
Saturday: Closed
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Exeter Opening Times: 
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 9:00-14:00
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Posted: Friday, January 15, 2016 - 09:18

Please see our Open Day page for more details.

Posted: Thursday, October 22, 2015 - 14:51

Dr Claire had a baby boy on the 1st of September to join the Chiropractic family. It was a home water birth all are well. 

Recent Testimonials

  • "I've really noticed an improvement in my plantar fasciitis and my left knee pain has improved to the point where I can walk up and down stairs without pain"
    - A.S. Coventry.
  • "Since introducing orthotics alongside my chiropractic maintenance care, I have noticed my posture is holding for longer between appointments. I feel a lot stronger everywhere"
    - S.C, Devon.
  • "Luka, simply what a very special lady you are. I really can't thank you enough for giving and sharing with me your healing massage. You are very humble and soft natured, yet you have these powerful healing hands. I literally floated out of your room and felt like the weight of the last few years had evaporated. I can't thank you enough. I can't believe I've been so lucky to finally find someone who is so gifted. "
    - Lucy Kaufman. Devon
  • "Luka fully encompasses every nurturing characteristic you would wish a therapist to have. My husband and I were very lucky to discover her on a holiday weekend trip, and have made a point of returning every time we visit Totnes. Luka has a wonderfully warm, soothing touch and a calm demeanour resulting in instant relaxation. Her holistic knowledge and advice resulted in me giving up dairy products, which resolved a severe two year sinus problem, which a series of GP and ENT consultant appointments failed to do. We wholeheartedly recommend Luka and all her services, she is a rare gift of extraordinary knowledge and skill "
    - J & A. Luther, Surrey.
  • "I treated myself to a massage with Luka. Under her loving touch my body felt beautifully met, nourished and supported to relax and open. She then massaged two dear friends who had been struggling with pain and tension. It was a joy to see them emerge softened, renewed and very grateful. I would recommend Luka's massages to anyone for the gift of her healing hands, the delicious oils she blends for each person, her warm shining heart, and her capacity to attune to whoever she is working with very deeply. "
    - Fanny Behrens. Devon.
  • "I have had many varied experiences of massage and after a period of illness chose Luka purely on impulse, my instinct took me to the right place. Luka's very real skills, intuition, sensitivity and professionalism are complemented by her enthusiasm, vibrancy and kindness. She possesses a genuine ability to divine and meet needs that I had, as well as identify and enhance any strengths, none of which I was aware of before. I find Luka's treatment works on all levels and believe that she has a genuine gift. To 'recommend' Luka seems too mundane, she is unique and has a unique ability, she has my heartfelt gratitude. "
    - Barry Wheeler. Devon.
  • "I love your massages Luka - my body trusts your hands, and this doesn't come easy for me. You have a special and unique combination of sensitivity, strength, understanding, wisdom and intuition that make a session with you a deeply nurturing experience - add your knowledge and a few lovely oils to that and well, heaven could hardly be a better place! "
    - N Ludlow, Devon.
  • "I booked a 1 hour remedial massage with Judit in April 2015. It was her first day practising from Ola Chiropractic. Her welcome was easy and she quickly and efficiently interviewed me to establish my health and what sorts of discomfort I was experiencing. I felt that she gave just the right amount of time to this before deciding and explaining what she proposed to do. She inspired confidence. The massage itself very effectively to explored, identified and then addressed the areas of discomfort, especially in upper back, shoulders and arms. Pressure was gradually increased and Judit took care always to check whether the pressure she was applying was bearable. At all times she maintained contact and progressed smoothly from one area to the next so that the whole session was "seemless". Judit also gave useful advice about posture and what to do after the massage. Altogether a very therapeutic experience carried out with the utmost professionalism in a friendly and easy manner. "
    - Gavin King-Smith (67)
  • ""I've been seeing Judit on and off since February this year, but I'd only see her for one session, and then leave a gap for a few months and see her again. I've got very sore shoulder, neck and back muscles so I returned to see her in November and she recommended that I see her for a few more sessions consecutively so that she could really do some work in the muscles, and see how my body responds. I decided I would do this as I was in quite a lot of pain. Thankfully I did this as after 3 sessions my muscles are noticeably softer and Judit was 'chuffed' to see my body responding well to treatment! I've had many many massages over the years and I have to say that Judit is the first person who has actually been able to treat my problem! Thank you so much Judit! " "
    - Ellen Yun
  • ""I visited London Bridge City Sports Massage in May with a bad back due to carrying heavy bags and poor posture. The treatment I received from Judith was second to none. Her deep massage eased the aches and pains and got right to the root causes of the tensions in my muscles and soft tissues. Judith's advice was excellent; She really knew her stuff, and her expertise made me feel a hundred times better. I recommend this treatment to anyone; It is well worth the money, nice to treat yourself, great for unwinding and relaxing for an hour, and relieves physical problems at the same time.""
    - - Stephen Lupton
  • "I found my massage with Judit to be beneficial on many levels. Her skill and knowledge made me feel in very safe and caring hands and her direction to use the breath, so as to deepen the affect, was wonderful. "
    - Samantha Roderick
  • "I loved the massage you gave me Judit, it felt very deep and nurturing. It gave me a calm sense of intergration and of being well held and heard. You work with a strong confidence and having done massage for 10 years myself, I can tell that you also take care of yourself as you work, so that the space you hold is very safe. Thankyou! "
    - Cath Sturdy
  • "I have been visiting Judit every month for 5 years and I can honestly say that the sports treatment I have with her is both muscle recovery and mental recovery. My body always feels lighter and stronger after my massage. She focuses on the most stressed areas and responds intuitively to every need, making sure the pressure is comfortable and ensuring my breathing is in tune with the therapy. In that hour I feel restored, present in my body and aware of my breathing. I highly recommend Judit's therapy to anyone who wants to speed up tension release, increase mental focus and tissue healing. She also had many great tips for avoiding muscle soreness through appropriate stretches before exercise. The benefits of her sports massage are more than just physical. "
    - Niki O'Callaghan
  • " "Just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me in my knee rehab. Things are getting much better, and I'm back to 90 degree flexion and can actively straighten my knee fully for the first time after 2yrs.’’ "
    - Dominic McVeigh
  • "‘Being six months pregnant, I was slightly apprehensive before my massage, particularly as I find lying on my back uncomfortable, however Judit, my therapist at Snowfields, made sure I was very comfy right from the start with pregnancy pillows and a toasty, warm room. Judit listened to my needs and addressed my aches and pains carefully. Not only did I feel lively and supple afterwards, I felt pampered too. I’ve never known an hour to fly so quickly. It’s just what a pregnant mum-to-be could ask for!' "
    - Louise O'Bryan
  • "Just come back from my first massage with Judit and I am extremely impressed. I was referred by my GP following an upper back muscular injury and was told the best thing was a sports massage. Judit understood immediately what was required from my description and set to work - the massage itself was extremely relaxing but due to the tender muscles it was understandably uncomfortable at times but not to the point of yelling!! Obviously I am hopeful that the massage has done the trick, but should further treatment be required I would have no hesitation in using Judit's services again. Thank you. :O) "
    - Keith Ellis
  • "Kate will always hold a very special place in my heart as I truly believe if it wasn’t for her kindness, expertise and professionalism I would not have had the perfect birthing experience that I did have with the birth of my first child. Throughout my pregnancy I followed the Gentle Birth Method. This method holds reflexology as central to a healthy pregnancy and birth. Consequently, I was on a mission to find myself a reflexologist who would work with me while I was pregnant – this wasn’t an easy task. Luckily for me I was put in Kate’s direction, where throughout my pregnancy and birth she looked after me and gave me just what I needed to work my way through the life changing experiences of being pregnant and becoming a mother. Kate was then kind enough to also work with me throughout my labour, as I had a home birth. Keeping the contractions going was really important in order for me to remain at home, again the reflexology that I experienced throughout my labour was definitely key to its success. This was particularly apparent when the midwife suggested Kate popped home for a few hours and my contractions ceased. I can’t thank Kate enough. "
    - Sinead, Brixham
  • "I started seeing Kate for weekly reflexology treatments 6 weeks before the birth of my first child. I am convinced that these sessions contributed hugely to the feelings of energy, good health and well-being that I experienced in the run up to the birth. I was able to approach my labour with calmness and confidence having had these blissful moments each week where I could relax and feel peaceful. I cannot recommend Kate highly enough, she is a wonderful practitioner. "
    - Hannah, Newton Abbot
  • "I was a client with Kate over a long period of time. I had reflexology to help combat my hay fever, for general de-stressing and relaxation as well as when I was undergoing IVF and after my baby was born. My treatments with her always helped me enormously — they lifted my mood and boosted my general health. I also found that they helped ease a sore back and neck, particularly when my son was little. Kate is a fantastic therapist, she combines a powerful technique with an empathetic manner. I was sorry that she moved away — London’s loss is Totnes’s gain! "
    - Pippa, Surrey
  • "I have come to regard shiatsu treatments with Kate as both a great luxury and a necessity. The luxury lies in the comfortable, warm, calm, welcoming atmosphere she creates, as well as the relaxing nature of the whole experience. The necessity lies in the healing that takes place in every session. Under Kate's skilful hands, the healing power of shiatsu is obvious to me by the sensation of vibrant energy surging through the various organs and meridians she is working on, and the feeling that my whole spinal column is being bathed in a flow of hot oil, dissolving the knots and blockages. Something new for me too, after such a relaxing treatment, is an immediate, heightened and enduring sense of mental and physical alertness and energy. In short, a shiatsu treatment with Kate would be the best Christmas present I could give anyone."
    - Aurora, Cornwall
  • "I have not felt so grounded for ages. I’ve been trying to come off antidepressants for seven years and this is the first time it’s been successful. I put this down to regular Indian head massages with Kate and her calming influence. "
    - Julia, London
  • "What an unexpected, pleasurable and beneficial experience I had yesterday. Thank you Luka, serendipity at it's best. I walked from you loose and free, and later slept like a log - and on my back! The testimonials say it all - you have magic fingers and an intuitive mind. "
    - Ken Wilber. Wales.
  • "Dear Luka, I just want to say thanks so much for the massage you gave me last Friday before I went on holiday. It really helped! I didn't experience any pain whilst I was away. You have a real gift and I am so grateful to be able to come to you when needed. "
    - E Stacey, Devon
  • "I am a writer who spends many hours on my computer. As a result I often suffer from severe back pain and headaches. After a number of unsuccessful visits to therapists, a friend recommended that I make an appointment with Luka. The results after just one consultation and session were remarkable. Luka's intuitive and skilful use of oils and integrated massage techniques made an impact on the problem area immediately. The hour session was deeply effective and healing. I have been back to her many times since then for therapy and always come out feeling nurtured, relaxed and renewed. I can't recommend Luka enough. "
    - Donna Thomson. Devon.
  • "I just wanted to thank you for another fantastic massage today, Luka. It is very hard to put my finger on just why you are so special. It is something to do with you being very attuned to how the physical and the emotional operate together, so that you are working with them both at the same time. It is a lot to do with how very well I feel after a session with you - as though my body has been coaxed not just back into life, but back into healthy living. And it is also something to do with the way you seem intuitively to be able to read me and soothe my various ailments, ancient and more recent, through your amazing massages. I have introduced you to several friends and members of my family - who have without exception (including - in fact especially! - those suspicious of massage) been similarly impressed and they all long to be able to come back to have you treat them again. I'm working on it! Many many thanks indeed."
    - Caroline Shea. London.
  • ""I can arrive in Pippa's lovely room stressed, exhausted and anxious, within 1 hour I have moved to another level in body and mind. It is a truely wonderful experience"."
    - Chrisine Sweetman Totnes
  • "Greetings Neal, I have noticed a little bit of an eye difference, my foot is still clicking but my jaw is a lot less clicky. Now, M has no pain in both her shoulders and her back. Thank you. W says he feels good."
    - E
  • "Hi Neal, one of the guests was L, you did Zethor Healing on her daughter J's ears. Well in the 6 weeks following your healing, J has not had any infections in her ears, so that is really great news to hear, huh. "
    - J.B.
  • "Hi Neal, I did not get my sense of smell back, but I think I have gained a bit more taste. Also, my bad left ankle that you worked on has not had pain since your healing. My broken leg is really well too, so I am very pleased. Thank you so much"
    - J
  • "Thanks to Claire and Network Spinal Chiropractic my life has changed on so many levels in the few months I have attended. I am a qualified R.N for the past forty years,studying Western,Chinese,Tibetan and Ayurvedic methods of healing but only Network is a genuine holistic framework of healing. I can honestly state this from an experiential point of view as it has affected my life psychologically,physically,emotionally and spiritually for the better. The treatment encourages growth and increases human potential,it opens doors of perception to allow evolving to become a natural step in progress,it all seems effortless as long as the patient is of an open mind and welcomes change. Psychologically I am more conscious,focused,compassionate and equanimous with an increasing positive and loving nature. Physically, I am healthier and fitter, after starting a strict vegetarian diet,restarting Qi Gong and feel stress free- as you are aware my work can be very stressful. Spiritually, I have resumed meditating and rediscovered my thirst for knowledge with a passion I never thought was possible,all of this in just a few short months,astounding progress! My relationships have improved,finances and overall well being have all been radically affected and I thank YOU for helping me to achieve all his and soo much more. However,the biggest insight is there is no more I,Me and Mine but a knowledge of a universal consciousness whereby we will all strive to improve relationships with one another and evolve as a species,A Planetary Consciousness for the benefit of all, With love and Heartfelt Appreciation Martina"
    - Martina Stafford
  • "“I have experienced some deeply transformative healing with Adam. I felt held in a very safe healing space and really appreciated Adam’s ability to listen and interpret the situation to reveal hidden spaces, so the healing could go into a deeper level. Adam has a great ability to work with various different healing energies and to know when and how to use them with delicacy and precision. I am so grateful for his work and would highly recommend him”"
    - P.L. Devon
  • "“Adam is a very gifted healer. I love his very deep sessions. His work is very precise and I especially appreciate the quality of concentration, combined with intuition. I feel always very energised after a session with him and that big changes in my system took place. His sessions have helped me to allow myself to be more here and to feel the joy in life.”"
    - E.A. Germany
  • "“Adam always takes me right into the depths of where I need to be whether it is healing an old wound or finally understanding an essential teaching. I would recommend Adam’s work for anyone willing to explore….The rewards are a real blessing.”"
    - S.T. Devon
  • "“After the sessions, I felt a deep sense of peace within as well as feeling more solid and strong in myself. I experienced a true sense of acknowledging what is going on for me and my life, and therefore could feel that everything was so simple and perfect as it was. I was held and surrounded with love, and remember being gently ‘lifted’ from the table. My heart felt so light and I was so relaxed. Adam is genuinely dedicated to his work, it is clear that he has a natural understanding of energy work, his passion and love shine through and I am very grateful to know him”"
    - N.G. France
  • "Adam is gentle and kind. He has helped me with old patterns of thinking, which prevent me from fully being, and relaxing into life. He’s a very skilled healer and understands what he is doing, so he can explain to you what happened and what he does in the sessions. I never feel judged no matter what feelings come up in the session or what I tell him. This is a breath of fresh air for me, as my old pattern is self-depreciation and not feeling safe in the world. He encourages healthy eating, meditation and exercise, but is patient with your process of embracing this into your life. He has a playful, fun quality, which I love and I feel he is helping me step by step to be kinder and more loving to myself in a way that nurtures the healing process. I definitely recommend Adam to anyone who genuinely wants to make changes in their life. He can’t do it for you, but he can clear blocks and negative energies and help you to be aware of what the ego does to cause the tension, and encourages you to rest in the love and peace that is always there.”"
    - S.W. Totnes Devon UK
  • "“I have been having on-going therapeutic treatments with Adam for several months and I thoroughly and unreservedly recommend his practice. Adam is able to draw on a variety of disciplines and therapies to enrich his work and to further the quality of care that he delivers. As a therapist myself of a variety of disciplines, I appreciate the depth of knowledge and skills that Adam uses in his sessions, enabling him to be flexible to the needs of his client as they change in the moment and using his toolkit of multiple skills to good effect. My experience working with Adam has been of him having an overall plan for the direction of the session, but of smoothly changing it to meet my needs of the moment as and when required. I was initially recommended to see Adam because I was stuck, what I was manifesting was not connecting with my mindset – Adam was able to locate the source of the problem and deal with it in a profound way, to greatly benefit my overall well-being. Adam works in a kind, compassionate and professional manner.”"
    - Janet C. Devon UK
  • "“I came into this life with a lot of karmic baggage. Adam and Vortex have helped me clear huge amounts of ‘stuff’. A year or so ago I’d feel anything from awful to o.k. Now its anything from o.k. to wonderful! Vortex healing works and Adam’s lovely!”"
    - Gavin, Totnes Devon UK
  • "“I’ve been seeing Adam lots over the last few months and find his energy healings very impressive. In his sessions I often experience powerful energies surging within me, and old feelings and memories (sometimes forgotten) arising during, and after, the sessions. I feel noticeable shifts in my senses of wellbeing after treatments. I think his ability to channel Vortex Healing, an unusual form of healing in it’s own right, and avataric energies, amazing. When I’ve asked Adam about various feelings of mine, he’s surprised me with his ability to swiftly tune in and give a run down of their origins. If I ask, during any part of a healing, Adam can instantly give me a very precise explanation of exactly what he is doing to what part of my system. Vortex Healing training includes an almost scientific understanding of the many energetic layers of our conditioning and consciousness, and energetic tools and divine connections needed to work with peoples deepest Karma. Adam’s understanding and sensitivity, together with the Vortex Healing, allows him to give excellent healings.”"
    - N.R. Totnes Devon UK
  • "My experience with Ola - or actually with Silas at the Exeter practice rooms  - has been very positive. I am a keen cyclist and have had lower back/pelvic alignment problem that I have been trying to get sorted for a few years - with limited success. Silas appears to have got to the bottom of the problem and seems to be resolving the issues and I seem well on the way to being 'cured'.   I would definitely recommend Ola to other cyclists. Silas's treatments work, but what is perhaps most impressive is that he engages with you. He listens and explains; he seems keen to work with you so that you can help yourself with excercises/stretches etc when you are not on the treatment table. I think this approach is essential. It seem much better than other physio experiences I have had."
    - Peter Money
  • "I recently came to Silas complaining of a chronic pain deep in my hip. After being referred all over the place for many years within the NHS with no results or any improvement I decided to see a chiropractor. And what a great decision it was. Even after one treatment I felt a release from the pain I was putting up with constantly. After a few weeks of treatment I was completely pain free and felt more 'aligned'. I have a lot of faith in this practitioner and am very reassured that I can go to him again should and hopefully not need to, as a maintenance. Silas is professional and friendly, the clinic is relaxed and tranquil. Thank you Silas. Kindest regards Alison "
    - Alison
  • " "5 star Pippa is great at what she does and helps me get through stressful times in life by making a regular massage appointment sheer I only have to focus on what I need rather than everyone else. Would thoroughly recommend her to you all and on top of that she is such a lovely person to know!" Jil"
    - Jill Breeze
  • ""As an experienced massage therapist myself and having received a lot of massage over the years from other therapists means, I am a very fussy and hard to please. I have been looking for a long time to find another therapist who can live up to my expectations and Pippa certainly does. I receive a massage from her on a regular basis and find it to be deeply relaxing, nurturing, healing, and releasing on both a physical, mental and emotional level. She has a calm and gentle manner which compliments her knowledge, training and intuition, which leaves me feeling deeply nourished on all levels" "
    - Gerry Gouge
  • "" I have been having a massage from Pippa for the past 4 years . Having had a regular massage over the past 30 years I consider myself somewhat of a seasoned receiver. i therefore am most particular as to whom I receive treatments from. Pippa's style of massage, for me, is exceptional for many reasons. Firstly her energy, her warmth and personality put me at ease within minutes of my first treatment. Her technique and knowledge of this art coupled with the afore mentioned make her for me a 'monthly must have'. until she leaves or gives up I will not consider looking elsewhere". "
    - John Cox
  • ""Pippas massage is simply the ultimate relaxing experience". "
    - Christel Anskersmit
  • "“A wonderfully relaxing and powerfully therapeutic massage. Beforehand I was unable to turn my head to one side but after my treatment with Judit, I had full mobility returned: I felt great! Judith is a caring, immensely capable and technically talented therapist. I would highly recommend a session.” "
    - LC, Artist
  • "Dr Claire is very professional and skilled, within one session I was free of pain, walking straighter and felt more ease in my body. Ive recommended her to dozens of people. I feel lucky to have found her to support me with any aches or pains that present themselves. "
    - Nrependra Singh